Han Seo Hee Stated She Secretly Dated T.O.P on Her Instagram Live

Headlines 09.25.17 | 09:08PM EDT

Han Seo Hee Discusses How She Secretly Dated T.O.P on Instagram


Netizen's Wonder if T.O.P Had Sex With Trainee Han Seo Hee During Drug Scandal

Headlines 09.25.17 | 08:42AM EDT

T.O.P Was Sexually Harassed By Trainee Han Seo Hee After Drug Scandal


Monsta X Reveal What Their First Time Was Like When Watching Porn

Headlines 08.17.17 | 05:08PM EDT

Monsta X Reveal What Their First Time Was Like When Watching Porn


This Korean Actor Admits To Doing A Nude Self-Webcam & Comments On Viral Video

Hot Issues 07.19.17 | 12:17PM EDT

Actor Seo Ha Joon Admits To Doing A Nude Webcam & Comments On Viral Video


Stellar's Hyper-Sexualized 'Vibrato' Ignites Conversation About Provocative K-Pop Concepts

Features 07.21.15 | 11:14AM EDT

The girl group wore thongs with dresses, and had a highly symbolic music video to seek attention in the incredibly competitive K-pop world.

Stephen Amell

'Arrow' Season 3 Episode 21 Spoilers: Oliver Becomes The Villain; Thea Suffers Consequences Of Using Lazarus Pit

Trending News 04.23.15 | 10:09PM EDT

Oliver becomes something that he hates as Thea is suffering in the aftermath of being revived by the Lazarus Pit, according to the latest episode 21 spoilers for "Arrow" season 3.

Nick Jonas Talks Sex In New Interview, Dishes On The Physical Importance Of A Healthy Love Life

Trending News 11.09.14 | 04:11AM EST

Nick Jonas dishes on the importance of a healthy sex life in the December issue of Attitude magazine.

Girls' Generation

Japanese Weekly States That Girls' Generation and KARA Have Been Casted In AVs

Hot Issues 03.26.14 | 03:19AM EDT

'The Weekly Shitsuwa' has released an article stating that Korea's representative girl groups Girls' Generation and KARA have been cast in AVs. Adding on to this unconfirmed rumor, the content of the article devalues the girl groups in terms of sex and plastic surgery.

Smartphones > Sex, Americans Want Gadgets More Than Sexual Pleasures, Study Suggests; Survey Participants Also Thinks Internet Is More Important Than Love

Trending News 02.08.14 | 09:45PM EST

Harris Interactive, one of the world's leading market research firms, leveraging research, technology, and business acumen, has conducted a survey aimed at determining the top 10 things people can't live without. The survey, which was joined by 2,210 adults, has a very shocking result. Out of the total number of participants, 20% said they cannot live without sex, something that is surprisingly lower than the 26% who chose smartphones. Food topped the list with 73%, followed by car 42%, internet 28%, smartphone, and laptop 24%. Television also ranked higher than intimate relationships with 23% at sixth place.

Super Bowl 2014 Plagued By Sex Trafficking Claims; Groups Says The Sports Event Is A Sex Trafficking Magnet

Trending News 01.31.14 | 09:27PM EST

The Super Bowl will surely attract fans from different parts of the country. Some say it would even attract fans from all over the world, too. However, not the kinds of people that watch a lot of football, these are people who come to offer sex-for-money.

Miley Cyrus Gets Booty Call From Suzanne Somers: “I Have Sex Two Times a Day … Three on Weekends”

Trending News 10.10.13 | 11:01AM EDT

Suzanne Somers wants Miley Cyrus to know she has sex twice a day, three times on weekends.

Britney Spears Is Back; New `Work B**ch’ Music Video Is the Sexiest Thing She’s Done In Years; What Are the Perks of Two-Year $30 Million Las Vegas Residency? (Video)

Trending News 10.05.13 | 12:00PM EDT

Britney Spears New "Work B**ch’" Music Video Oozes Sex. Britney to start Two-Year $30 Million Las Vegas Residency.

Britney Spears Is Back, Bitch; New Music Video for “Work B**ch” Oozes Sex; What Are the Perks of Two-Year $30 Million Las Vegas Residency? (Video)

Trending News 10.03.13 | 09:57AM EDT

Britney Spears New Music Video Oozes Sex. Britney to start Two-Year $30 Million Las Vegas Residency.

Jodi Arias Trial Heats Up as Phone Sex Hearings Are Unsealed; Alexander Presented as Virginal, but Was She Sexually Abused?

Trending News 07.11.13 | 12:53PM EDT

Jodi Arias trial got hot today as the hearing on the Jodi Arias phone sex conversations were unsealed. The prosecution and defense battled heatedly during the Jodi Arias sex take hearing and captured media attention at the start of the trial. Many details of the Jodi Arias sex talk were kept private, but now with the hearings unsealed, they have become public. Forget “50 Shades of Grey,” the Jodi Arias sex tape should become a meme.

Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' Unrated Video Models = Better Sex In Marriage: Singer Says His Wife Paula Patton 'Got On Booty Shorts' When He Comes Home

Trending News 06.26.13 | 06:46AM EDT

Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" unrated music video that features T.I., Pharrell, and three topless models may bother some, but it makes for better sex with his wife Paula Patton.

Jodi Arias Sex Details Transcript Unsealed; Alexander Not the Virgin Witnesses Said

Trending News 06.09.13 | 01:01PM EDT

Jodi Arias graphic sex details are on the latest transcripts from the trial to be unsealed. Arias was found guilty of the brutal first-degree murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in May. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision on whether to sentence Jodi Arias to life sentence or to impose the death penalty for the gruesome 2008 slaying. A new trial date for penalty phase was set for July 18.

Lindsay Lohan Gives Last Interview to Piers Morgan On Drug Use, Sexuality Before Her 90-Day Rehab

Trending News 05.06.13 | 08:48AM EDT

Actress Goes into Detail on her lifestyle choices With Drugs and Sex


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