Kris Wu Yi Fan Singing For 'Somewhere Only We Know' OST

Former EXO Member Kris To Release Two New Songs In China

Headlines 11.04.14 | 06:44AM EST

The singer will be lending his voice to the soundtrack for his upcoming film 'Somewhere Only We Know' with a self-written single, "There is a Place."

EXO Kris

Chinese Agencies Rumored To Be Wary Of Ex-EXO Member Kris

Hot Issues 10.27.14 | 07:29AM EDT

Korean media reports suggest that EXO's Kris, also known as Wu Yi Fan, is struggling to find an agency in China.


K-Pop's Prerequisite Idol Trainee Period Criticized Following SM Entertainment Artist Exodus

Hot Issues 10.25.14 | 10:38AM EDT

Foreign trainees and the lengthy trainee period are seen as being problematic.


Tao Shares Hope That EXO Will Remain Strong As 10 Members

Headlines 10.19.14 | 07:14PM EDT

The EXO member posted a picture of a bracelet with ten diamonds to his Instagram and expressed his wish for the group to stay strong with the remaining ten members.

Super Junior X EXO

Is SM Entertainment Finding It Harder To Manage Large Groups And Artist Desires For More Career Control?

Headlines 10.11.14 | 09:20AM EDT

Analysts quoted by the Wall Street Journal suggest this is the case.

EXO fans concerned for Luhan.

EXO Fandom Floods Twitter With Encouraging 'Always Support Luhan' Messages Following Singer's Lawsuit Revelation

Headlines 10.10.14 | 11:33PM EDT

An outpouring of affection for EXO member Luhan filled Twitter following confirmation that the he has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract a


SM Entertainment Issues Official Statement Addressing Luhan's Lawsuit Allegations, EXO Will Promote As 10

Hot Issues 10.10.14 | 06:52AM EDT

SM Entertainment has confirmed the fear of fans, stating that EXO will now continue without Luhan.

EXO's Kris sings for

Former EXO Member Kris Reportedly Preparing To Sign Contract With Chinese Media Company Hwai Brothers

Headlines 10.08.14 | 05:59AM EDT

He is signing with a different agency than previously thought.

Luhan KPOPme

Let's Discuss: EXO Luhan & Departure Rumors [Blog]

Hot Issues 10.08.14 | 06:24AM EDT

A look at what it means that EXO fans are worried about Luhan leaving the group, and why it would be horrible for EXO if he did.

First Kris, then Jessica. Will f(x) Sulli be the next to leave?

Jessica-Kris-Sulli: 2014 Has Not Been A Good Year For SM Entertainment’s Promotional Activities [Opinion]

Features 10.01.14 | 07:21AM EDT

SM Entertainment has struggled with scandals involving Girls’ Generation Jessica, former EXO Kris, and f(x) Sulli. Is SM Entertainment on a downward spiral?


EXO Celebrates Luhan’s Return And Chen’s Birthday At Beijing Concert

Features 09.22.14 | 09:35AM EDT

EXO wrapped up their first solo concert in Beijing today.


EXO Become K-pop Stars In China After Healing From Kris’ Sudden Leave

Features 09.03.14 | 07:47AM EDT

EXO will be performing on China's 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival.

exo kris joining chinese media

Will The Ex-EXO Kris Join A Chinese Agency?

Headlines 08.16.14 | 04:55AM EDT

News of EXO's ex-member Kris was heard in China, catching much attention.

EXO-M member Kris Kris Wu Yifan, known to EXO fans as simply Kris, is reportedly terminating his contract with SM Entertainment.

Korean Fans Cry 'Traitor' As Former EXO Member Kris Wu Yifan And Former Super Junior Member Han Geng Work Together In China

Stars on TV / Movies 08.13.14 | 06:43AM EDT

The two idols will be acting in the same movie.

The recent comeback by f(x) is marred by rumors, which has driven Sulli to take a break from K-Pop.

What Is Right & What Is Wrong With The Current State Of SM Entertainment [Opinion]

Features 07.31.14 | 03:42PM EDT

SM Entertainment has been at the center of numerous scandals in 2014, but the agency still remains on top of K-Pop.


f(x) Member Update: 'Red Light' Promotions End + Fans Worry About Sulli Leaving & The Future Of The Group

Headlines 07.31.14 | 04:11PM EDT

Are there big changes in store for K-Pop girl group f(x)?


EXO Member Update: Upcoming Singapore Concert + Baekhyun Opens Up On Instagram

Headlines 07.23.14 | 05:17AM EDT

Life still seems hectic for the remaining 11 members of EXO, and Kris appears to be moving on

EXO-M Kris follows Hangeng and JYJ in suing SM Entertainment.

No Agreement Reached Between Kris And SM Entertainment During Mediation

Headlines 07.09.14 | 12:24AM EDT

There had been hopes that the two parties would end the suit outside of court.

Former EXO-M Kris

Kris And Chinese Director Deny Dating Rumors

Headlines 07.06.14 | 06:07PM EDT

The former EXO member and Xu Jinglei are sixteen years apart, and fans are unsure what to believe.


Another Picture Of Kris For Upcoming Chinese Film Is Revealed

Headlines 06.30.14 | 11:54PM EDT

One more picture for Kris's upcoming film is revealed.

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