Why Are Fans Petitioning Hit Boy Group Wanna One?

Headlines 10.04.17 | 09:08PM EDT

Why Are Fans Petitioning Hit Boy Group Wanna One?

What's Next For Sistar After Disbandment

What's Next For Sistar After Disbandment

Hot Issues 06.06.17 | 11:37AM EDT

Hit K-pop group, Sistar, has just disbanded. Continue to read on to know what's next for them.

Leessang Reportedly Has Disbanded

Leessang To Officially Disband Following Gary & Gil’s Internal Conflict

Trending News 04.06.17 | 07:04AM EDT

After news about Gary's secret marriage surprises everyone, now Gary's hip-hop group, Leessang, reportedly has disbanded.

Jeon Jiyoon

Jeon Jiyoon Is Candid In bnt Interview About How She Moved On After4Minute’s Disbandment

Trending News 03.31.17 | 08:51AM EDT

Jeon Jiyoon obliged for an interview with bnt and was apparently asked about how she feels after 4Minute's disbandment wherein she said that she feels nostalgic about the times they were together when she watches the group's videos'.

T-ara Disbandment

T-ara Disbandment: Soyeon & Boram End Contracts With MBK Entertainment, The Group To Officially Disband In December?

Trending News 03.23.17 | 07:26AM EDT

MBK Entertainment released an official statement regarding Soyeon and Boram who ended their contracts with the agency. Meanwhile, the remaining members of T-ara extended their contracts until December.

T-ara Disbandment

T-ara Comeback: Upcoming Album Release On May Will Mark Group’s Last Performance

Hot Issues 03.16.17 | 01:14PM EDT

T-ara's agency, MBK Entertainment, has confirmed that the upcoming comeback mini album of the group will also be the last performance of the idol group that was debuted on 2009.


2NE1's Final Song 'GOODBYE' Tops Billboard's World Digital Song Sales Chart

Headlines 01.31.17 | 09:30PM EST

Goodbye was released last January 21 and is 2NE1's final song. Now, the song has topped Billboard's World Digital Song Sales Chart.

2NE1 Steven Universe

2NE1 Were Almost Featured On The Hit Cartoon Network Show 'Steven Universe'

Headlines 01.31.17 | 09:30PM EST

A background artist for the show revealed cartoonized version of the recently disbanded 2NE1 as she reveals how the group was almost featured on the show.

Sandara Park 2NE1


Headlines 01.31.17 | 11:53AM EST

Dara speaks her heart out in a recent interview.

Sandara Park 2NE1

Sandara Parks Speaks Out On G-Dragon Dating Rumors; Expresses Her Fear Of Being Alone After 2NE1's Disbandment

Headlines 01.25.17 | 05:36PM EST

Sandara Park recently talked about her fears of standing alone now that her infamous girl group has disbanded. The idol also spoke out on the dating rumors that made headlines a few weeks prior.


Dara Shares Emotional Photo of 2NE1 After Shooting Their MV For 'Goodbye'

Headlines 01.24.17 | 06:01PM EST

After releasing their final song together as a group, 2NE1's Dara shared BTS photos of the group.

2NE1 Goodbye

2NE1 Bids Farewell With Release Of Their Final Song ‘Goodbye’

Headlines 01.23.17 | 02:11PM EST

After announcing that they would be releasing one last song together, 2NE1 had finally made true of that promise as they release their final song "Goodbye."

Sandara Park

Sandara Park Opens Up About Her Insecurities, Calls Herself The Least Talented Member Of 2NE1

Headlines 01.18.17 | 09:19PM EST

In an interview with "Talking Street," 2NE1's Sandara Park opens up about her insecurities while she was a part of 2NE1.


BREAKING: 2NE1 To Return With One Final Song

Headlines 01.05.17 | 11:51AM EST

After disbanding in November, YG confirms that 2NE1 will be releasing one final song.


2NE1: Here's What the Former Members Have Been Up to After their Breakup

Headlines 12.30.16 | 04:56AM EST

What are CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara have been up to after their group's disbandment? Find out here!


Popular female K-Pop groups we've lost this 2016

Headlines 11.30.16 | 01:22PM EST

Following news of 2NE1's disbandment, here are some of the other well-known girl groups that had disbanded this 2016.


CL and Dara pens heartbreaking letter to 2NE1 fans

Headlines 11.30.16 | 05:07AM EST

Days after 2NE1's disbandment, CL and Dara posts heartbreaking and tear-jerking letters to their fans.


With 2NE1's disbandment, here's what every Blackjack would definitely miss

Headlines 11.30.16 | 03:45AM EST

Here are some of the things that Blackjacks and loyal fans would surely miss now that 2NE1 is officially disbanded.


The Fall of 2NE1: Signs that led towards 2NE1's disbandment

Headlines 11.30.16 | 03:16AM EST

Here, we break down the factors that may have led towards the disbandment of 2NE1.


Breaking News: 2NE1's disbandment confirmed by YG!

Headlines 11.25.16 | 06:13AM EST

After shying away from the scene for quite sometime and with Minzy's departure from the group early this year, YG finally confirms 2NE1's disbandment. Check out more details here.


f(x) stops all rumor speculations about disbandment

Trendz 08.12.15 | 11:47AM EDT

f(x) stops all rumor speculations about disbandment

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