Are Koreans Afraid To Visit America Because of Extreme Violence? Koreans Voice Opinions On Shootings

Headlines 10.02.17 | 10:28PM EDT

Are Koreans Afraid To Visit America Because of Extreme Violence? Koreans Voice Opinions On Shootings

CL Reportedly Debuting In US Soon, Music Video Already Completed

CL Reportedly Debuting In U.S. Soon, Music Video Already Completed

Headlines 03.17.16 | 02:52PM EDT

An insider shared behind-the-scenes info about the 2NE1 leader's upcoming debut.

AOMG Artists Announce 8-City Tour Of U.S.

AOMG Artists Announce 8-City U.S. Tour

Headlines 02.23.16 | 11:31PM EST

Five artists under the AOMG label will be performing in eight cities across the U.S.

EXO Achieves Highest U.S. Kpop Sales For 2015

EXO Top K-Pop Music Sales In The U.S. With 'Exodus' And 'Love Me Right' Re-Release

Hot Issues 12.23.15 | 10:06AM EST

For the second year in a row, EXO has taken first place in America.

2NE1 CL at 'New Evolution' World Tour in New Jersey on Aug 17, 2012

CL Announces Game-Changing 'Lifted' EP As Precursor To American Album

Headlines 09.23.15 | 10:55AM EDT

The news marks CL's first official solo release in the United States.

Teen Choice Awards 2015 Nominees

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Spend PDA-filled Fourth of July Weekend; 'Bad Blood' Singer To Host Another Star-studded Bash?

Trending News 07.04.15 | 04:48PM EDT

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are spending their first Fourth of July in the company of friends. Just like last year, it reportedly seemed the “Bad Blood” singer will be hosting yet another star-studded bash.

100 Years Of Women’s Fashion

100 Years Of Women’s Fashion

Trendz 06.14.15 | 09:50PM EDT

Get ready for a trip down fashion’s memory lane. In 2 minutes, we’re highlighting top style trends, from 1915 to today.

Why Las Vegas Isn’t Actually Las Vegas

Why Las Vegas Isn’t Actually Las Vegas

Trendz 05.06.15 | 09:12PM EDT

Do you know that one of America’s most famous cities, known for their giant casino hotels, lively entertainment, and high class restaurants isn’t actually even in Las Vegas?

Girl Goes Backpacking Alone Across Alaska

Girl Goes Backpacking Alone Across Alaska

Trendz 03.24.15 | 08:08PM EDT

An adventurer was brave enough to go backpacking across central Alaska with just a camera. The sights are amazing!

Germany Abolishes College Tuition Fees, Could The US Follow Suit? German Parliament Says 'Tuition Fees Are Socially Unjust' And 'Discourage Young People From Taking Up Study' [PHOTO]

Trending News 10.02.14 | 02:07PM EDT

Germany Tuition


Kpop Boy Group B1A4 Greeting To All Their American Fans

Trendz 09.09.14 | 08:22AM EDT

B1A4 will be heading off to America as part of their "2014 B1A4 Road Trip" concert.

B.A.P To Hold 'LIVE ON EARTH 2014' Tour In 4 Countries And Hold 20 Concerts

B.A.P To Hold 'LIVE ON EARTH 2014' Tour In 4 Countries And Hold 20 Concerts

Trendz 03.07.14 | 09:48AM EST

Group B.A.P will be holding a tour and visit America, Europe, Oceania and Asia and perform 20 concerts and meet with 100,000 fans.

TEEN TOP To Hold 'High Kick' World Tour In Asia, America And Europe

TEEN TOP To Hold 'High Kick' World Tour In Asia, America And Europe

Trendz 02.24.14 | 03:18PM EST

Group TEEN TOP will be holding their global world tour in many different parts of the world.

US Winter Storm Devastates 49 Out Of 50 States; Extreme Weather Leads To ‘Cancellation’ Of Valentine’s Day In Georgia

Trending News 02.14.14 | 05:07AM EST

In a report by NBC, Chicago has already "received more than 60 inches for the season. And Detroit received 39.1 inches in January, the city's snowiest month ever. The city now has more than 70 inches total. Its all-time snowiest season was 1880-1881, when 93.6 inches were recorded."

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Draws The Ire Of The Public; ‘America The Beautiful’ Commercial Only Divides People, Pundits Say

Trending News 02.04.14 | 01:33AM EST

Coca-Cola has debuted its "It's Beautiful" commercial during the Super Bowl on Sunday, featuring a multilingual rendition of "America the Beautiful." The ad, which was backdropped by seven different languages, was intended to promote the country's diversity. However, it produced a total opposite effect on the masses.

Minimum Wage Increase In Various State Could Get Millions Out Of Poverty, A Study Suggests; Seattle Mayor Says Current Raise Is Not Enough

Trending News 01.05.14 | 10:45PM EST

According to a study by the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, around 4.6 million people will be moved out of the poverty line because of the government's decision to raise the $7.25 an hour minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. It also said that the bill can also reduce the ranks of the nation's poor by 6.8 million, accounting for longer-term effects.

K-Pop Making the Transatlantic Trip to the States, 'Do we Really Want it?'

Hot Issues 01.06.14 | 12:45AM EST

Whilst K-Pop is slowly spreading worldwide it has yet to find a mass audience and although many K-pop artists have tried, they have failed to break into the US Market. But do we really want K-Pop to break into a market that is so homogenized?

Beyonce New song 'XO' Controversy Update: Singer Issues Apology for Using Audio from Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster; NASA Responds

Trending News 01.02.14 | 10:34PM EST

After Beyonce issued an apology for using audio from the "Challenger" space shuttle disaster for her new song "XO," NASA released a response.

Minimum Wage Increase All Set For 13 US States By January; Is Your State One Of Them?

Trending News 12.29.13 | 10:49PM EST

The National Employment Law Project has announced that the wage increase petition has been approved by the national government. However, only 13 states are covered by the new law which will start on January 1. Here is a breakdown of the new minimum wage set for each state:


Busy Wonder Girls, Going to U.S. After Japan

Headlines 08.06.12 | 03:27PM EDT

Girl group Wondergirls will be moving on to U.S. after working in Japan.

Did Blush Beat SNSD In A Fair Match Up?

Headlines 02.21.12 | 07:12PM EST

Some similarities, some differences. Which hold more weight?

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