Siwon and Liu Wen

Super Junior Siwon & Liu Wen Coupled Up once again for H&M

K-CULTURE 01.18.16 | 02:50PM EST

Super Junior Siwon & Liu Wen Coupled Up once again for H&M

teen top

Teen Top reveals MV for "Warning Sign"!

K-POP 01.18.16 | 02:44PM EST

Teen Top reveals MV for "Warning Sign"!

Song Ji Hyo at a Press Conference of tvN Drama 'Ex-Girlfriend Club'

Running Man's Song Ji Hyo drops new CF for Tokyo Medicine Production

K-CULTURE 01.18.16 | 02:27PM EST

Running Man's Song Ji Hyo drops new CF for Tokyo Medicine Production


EXID Solji & Wheesung joined forces for "Can't We"

K-TV/MOVIE/DRAMA 01.18.16 | 01:40PM EST

EXID Solji & Wheesung joined forces for "Can't We"

holding your pee

What Happens When You Hold Your Pee?

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 05:09AM EST

I watch this while I am holding pee.

winter hacks

10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 04:52AM EST

Drafty doors and windows? High Heating Bill? Got the sniffles? Here are some hacks

baby and cats

Cats First Encounter With A Baby

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 04:44AM EST

What is this little pooping human. (Turn On CC for cats' words)


Check Out The Next Generation Of Cosplayers

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 04:37AM EST

Parenting done right!


Men Can Multitask In This Sketch Show

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 04:33AM EST

They're too... helpful!


I Love Youuuuuuuuu!!!

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 04:30AM EST

This adorable fifteen-month-old baby imitates her mum.


Snowboarding In An Empty Waterpark

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 04:25AM EST

That looks like really exciting and funny.


3 Girls Hip-Hop Mashup

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 04:19AM EST

By L.E.J, 9 songs, 3 from Eminem.


An Actual Audio Recovered From One Of The Missions In Vietnam

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 03:58AM EST

The calmness in their voices.


The Last Work Of Alan Rickman: Joining Forces With A Tortoise To Help Save The Children

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 03:54AM EST

By watching a strawberry-eating Tortoise and listening to Snape's epic voice, you have already donated to Save the Children and Refugee Council.


Channing Tatum Nails Beyonce's "Runs The World"

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 03:48AM EST

I swear Channing Tatum is the live action version of "One Piece" Igaram!


Son Is A Little Bit Too Caring For His Parent Phone

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 03:14AM EST

I shouldn't need to tell you this.

crash and action

Some Big Crashes And Other Action From SS2 And SS3

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 03:05AM EST

Fortunately all drivers are ok. That's a very nice group of people helping out.

sun tzu

Sun Tzu's Principles Of Warfare Vs. Gamemanship In Modern Sports

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 02:56AM EST

One of the most intriguing comparisons between sport and war.


Watch This Insanely Fast Drone Fly

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 02:48AM EST

What the future of warfare will look like.

football fans

American Football Fans Go Nuts For Aaron Rodgers' Miracle Hailmary

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 02:38AM EST

It doesn't take much to blow a simple mind.

classical mashup

57 Famous Classical Tunes By 33 Composers

Most Popular 01.18.16 | 02:29AM EST

It's amazing how all these pieces fit together.

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