Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye News and Updates: Park Shin Hye To Star In Jung Joon Il 'Wish' MV

Breaking News 03.07.17 | 06:41AM EST

After completing the shoot for her film "Silence", Park Shin Hye will star as the lead actress in balladeer Jung Joon Il's 'Wish' MV.

Twice Knock Knock

TWICE News And Updates: 'TT' MV Reaches Milestone 150 Million Views!

Breaking News 03.07.17 | 06:37AM EST

Even as TWICE's "Knock Knock" smashes viewing records, its "TT" MV is still earning a lot of views as it reached a milestone of 150 million views in just four months and two weeks.

Sandara Park, the newest MC of Get It Beauty

Daragon news: G-Dragon Shares Sweet Message For Sandara Park For Get It Beauty Gig: Is A Guesting Possible?

Breaking News 03.07.17 | 03:48AM EST

Shippers of Daragon or Sandara Park and G-Dragon hope that G-Dragon could become one of the guests in Get It Beauty after he posts a sweet congratulatory message for the former 2NE1 member, who is not the beauty's show's MCs.

Most Favorite K-Drama OST

5 Most Favorite K-Drama OST That Will Bring Nostalgic Feeling

K-Drama 03.07.17 | 03:48AM EST

K-drama and its OST is a dynamic duo that will make viewers cherish every moment in the drama. Let's see which one of these five K-drama OST is your favorite.

K-Con 2017

K-Con Kicks-Off in Mexico City in 10 Days! Adds Australia to Their Travel Plan

Concert / Event 03.07.17 | 03:38AM EST

K-Con will kick-off in Mexico City and will be expanding to Australia in September but with no exact date and venue yet.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

What's The Secret To 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's' Appeal? Producer Weighs In

Breaking News 03.07.17 | 01:46AM EST

"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" is climbing up the ratings chart as the show charms more viewers on a weekly basis. But more than a romantic comedy, the show offers something more. Producer Song Won Seob shares the secret to the show's success.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum Pranks 'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' Co-Stars In An Instagram Video, Also Named As Most Attractive Artist in Korea

News 03.07.17 | 01:59AM EST

Park Bo Gum pranks 'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' co-stars in a cute Instagram video posted on March 6.

Mamamoo Breaks Even On 2 Billion Won Investment Cost For The Group

MAMAMOO Concludes 3-Day Concert: Members in Tears As They Thanked Fans For Their Love and Support

News 03.07.17 | 01:28AM EST

MAMAMOO has concluded their 3-day 2017 MAMAMOO Concert Moosical Curtain Call on March 5: Members in tears as they thanked the fans for their love and support.

'Defendant' Update: Ji Sung And Other Actors All Smile As They Caused A Blooper Of A Scene

'Defendant' Update: Ji Sung And Other Actors All Smile As They Caused A Blooper Of A Scene

K-Drama 03.06.17 | 07:32PM EST

It was recently revealed that the writers of "Defendant" included a birthday scene in the storyline to celebrate actor Ji Sung's real life birthday.

Namgoong Min And Nam Sang Mi Goes On A Romantic Scooter Date

'Chief Kim' Episode 11 Update: Namgoong Min And Nam Sang Mi Goes On A Romantic Scooter Date

K-Drama 03.06.17 | 07:32PM EST

Namgoong Min and Nam Sang Mi did not seem to get along well when they first met, but, it seems like the two are no longer fighting like when they first met.

EXID's Hani revealed her struggle to get her mother's approval as a singer.

EXID's Hani Revealed That She Could Be A Daughter Her Parents Proud Of

Variety 03.06.17 | 08:01AM EST

Hani made an appearance on "Flower Crew" that she was struggling to get her mother's approval as a singer. But everything went well and she could be a daughter her parents proud of.

BtoB held third generation fanmeeting and 300 fans came.

BtoB Met 3,000 Melody On Their Third Generation Fan Meeting

Breaking News 03.06.17 | 08:01AM EST

BtoB has just held their third generation fan meeting. There were about 3,000 fans came and BtoB performed "Movie" and "Someday."


K-CON Is Coming To Australia!

News 03.06.17 | 05:32AM EST

KCON coming to Australia


Dean Visits Los Angeles!

News 03.06.17 | 05:27AM EST

Dean in L.A


VICTON Shows Off Their Sharp Choreography For ‘EYEZ EYEZ’

Features 03.06.17 | 05:23AM EST

VICTON choregraphy


Kevin To Officially Leave U-KISS!

Hot Issues 03.06.17 | 05:13AM EST

Kevin leaving U-KISS

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo Wants To Star In Korean Version Of 'Ocean's Eleven' And Work With Jun Ji Hyun And Son Ye Jin

Breaking News 03.06.17 | 07:51AM EST

Song Hye Kyo wants to challenge herself further as she moves forward in her career, saying she wants to star in a movie similar to Ocean's Eleven. She says she also wants to star opposite actresses Jun Ji Hyun and Son Ye Jin who have different acting styles from her.

BIG BANG Made Tour

BIG BANG News and Updates: MADE Album Makes Waves Worldwide; G-Dragon, Taeyang Gears For Solo Albums

Features 03.06.17 | 07:35AM EST

With the BIG BANG members poised to enter mandatory military enlistment, a quick look at their short but sweet MADE era puts them at the top of the winners' list, proving their popularity despite 11 years in the business.

Taeyeon 'Fine' MV

Taeyeon's Graduation Photos Surface After 'My Voice' Release, Shows The Idol's Forever Adorable Face

Buzz 03.06.17 | 07:35AM EST

Taeyeon's graduation photos have surfaced just after releasing first solo album "My Voice" and showed her forever adorable look.

GOT7 teaser Never Ever

8 Top K-pop Comebacks You Need To Watch Out For This March! GFRIEND, B.A.P., GOT7, Eric Nam, MONSTA X And More!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.06.17 | 07:33AM EST

Fans eagerly await new material of idols like GFRIEND, B.A.P., GOT7, Eric Nam, MONSTA X and more as labels tease more concept materials and pre release MVs of K-pop idol groups.

Blackpink Jisoo for 'Stay'

Jisoo of BLACKPINK Frowns As The Idol Was Not Allowed To Accept A Fan's Gift

Buzz 03.06.17 | 07:32AM EST

Jisoo of BLACKPINK was captured in a video on December last year frowning because she was not allowed to accept a fan's gift to her.

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