2PM's Jun.K Wants To Go On A Trip With Chansung And Taecyeon For No Reason?

Interviews 11.28.15 | 02:28AM EST

2PM's Jun.K chose Chansung and Taecyeon as members he wants to travel with.

Jay Park The Celebrity Magazine December 2015 Photos

Jay Park Discusses The Importance Of Hip-Hop And His Free-Spirited Approach To Making Music

Fashion & Style 11.30.15 | 01:48PM EST

Jay Park appeared in the December issue of The Celebrity and revealed his free-spirited approach to hip-hop because of the creative control he exercises over his music.

Profile of a K-Pop Fan: New York Jazmin Ruotolo Uses Creative Outlets To Express Her Love Of Taeyang And B.A.P

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: New York's Jazmin Ruotolo Uses Creative Outlets To Express Her Love Of Taeyang And B.A.P

Interviews 11.27.15 | 11:53AM EST

The New Yorker hopes to bring together fashion and K-pop.

IU GQ Magazind December 2015 photos

IU Sums Up What Life Is Like As GQ's Woman Of The Year

Fashion & Style 11.28.15 | 08:41PM EST

"Twenty-Three" singer IU was chosen by the magazine GQ as the 2015 Woman of the Year. During the interview, IU was asked to describe the sense of self and how her acting has changed.

got7 mark jackson sure magazine december 2015 photos

GOT7's Mark And Jackson Discuss The Competitive Nature Of Fame In Sure

Fashion & Style 11.26.15 | 10:25AM EST

GOT7 members Mark and Jackson showed their mature personas in the December issue of Sure. During the interview, the duo talked about the competitive nature that is necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Girls Generation Jessica

Jessica Jung Discusses Creative Freedom And Possible Solo Career In L'Officiel Singapore

Interviews 11.23.15 | 02:09PM EST

During an interview with L'Officiel Singapore, the idol-turned-designer discussed her creative freedom, Blanc & Eclare brand and the possibility of launching a solo singing career.


B.A.P Reveals How Much They Miss The Stage After Being On Hiatus For Almost Two Years

Interviews 11.20.15 | 11:50PM EST

B.A.P mentions the changes they've seen and witnessed ever since their comeback.

BEAST Discuss About Their Secret To Hold Strong As A Group And Their Music [EXCLUSIVE]

BEAST Discuss The Inspiration Behind Their Music And The Secret To Success [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 11.24.15 | 06:40PM EST

Check out the exclusive KpopStarz Q&A with BEAST in Singapore during the first stop on their fan meeting tour of Asia.

WINNER and iKON will have simultaneous comebacks.

iKON Discuss Chart Manipulation Rumors

Interviews 11.20.15 | 10:38AM EST

The YG Entertainment group's impressive success with their debut tracks has not come without some backlash. Find out what the iKON members have to say about the rumors.

seventeen kpop allure magazine december 2015 photoshoot

Members Of Seventeen Choose Their Favorite Rappers In Allure Interview

Fashion & Style 11.23.15 | 10:50AM EST

The four members that compose Seventeen's hip-hop unit didn't let the rain stop them from making their way to a glamorous midnight party for the December issue of Allure. During the interview, the members chose their favorite Korean rappers.

Kim Hyun Joo instyle magazine november 2015 photos

Kim Hyun Joo Celebrates Her 20th Debut Anniversary With InStyle

Fashion & Style 11.23.15 | 10:44AM EST

Veteran actress Kim Hyun Joo rocked bright runway ensembles for the November issue of InStyle. During the interview, the star talked about her 20th anniversary since her debut.

exo baekhyun xiumin singles magazind december 2015 photos

EXO's Xiumin And Baekhyun Show Mature Sides In Singles

Fashion & Style 11.23.15 | 10:39AM EST

EXO members Xiumin and Baekhyun are the cover boys for the December issue of Singles. During the interview, Xiumin compared singing and acting careers, and Baekhyun talked about his fans.

ivy bnt international magazine november 2015 photos

Ivy Contemplates Musical Career In BNT International Interview

Fashion & Style 11.22.15 | 11:37PM EST

Ivy had a November feature in BNT International. During the interview, Ivy discussed her success on stage.

Lee Jin Wook Elle magazine november 2015 photos

Lee Jin Wook Talks About His Love Of Traveling In Elle

Fashion & Style 11.19.15 | 12:08PM EST

Lee Jin Wook escaped to Paris for the November issue of Elle. During the accompanying interview, the star talked about his career aspirations, love for traveling and favorite musicians.

Choi Tae Joon the celebrity magazine november 2015 photos

Choi Tae Joon Pays Homage To Leonardo DiCaprio In The Celebrity

Fashion & Style 11.18.15 | 09:55AM EST

Choi Tae Joon paid homage to his idol, Leonardo DiCaprio, in the November issue of The Celebrity. During the interview, Choi talked about what he admires most about the international star.

Yoo In Young instyle magazine november 2015 photos

Yoo In Young Shares Her Skincare Must-Haves In InStyle

Fashion & Style 11.17.15 | 11:24AM EST

Yoo In Young rocked a new short bob for the November issue of InStyle. During the interview, Yoo shared her must-have makeup and skincare products.

kpop april band @star1 magazine november 2015 photos 4

All 6 Original April Members Pose For @Star1

Fashion & Style 11.12.15 | 12:29PM EST

All original April members posed for the November issue of @Star1. During the interview, the group talked about the preparation they went through for their first EP

Go Ah Sung discusses her roles in 'Office' and 'Heard It Through the Grapevine.'

Go Ah Sung Discusses Her Performance In 'Office' And Reflects On Her Portrayal Of Yona In 'Snowpiercer' [EXCLUSIVE]

Stars on TV / Movies 11.11.15 | 02:41PM EST

Go Ah Sung reflects on her portrayal of Mi Rae in 'Office' and discusses her work with director Bong Joon Ho, during her KpopStarz interview.

korean actor Yoon Kyun Sang singles magazine november 2015 photos

Yoon Kyun Sang Is Mysterious And Charismatic In Singles

Fashion & Style 11.12.15 | 12:02PM EST

Rookie actor and great talent Yoon Kyun Sang showed a more mature side in the November issue of Singles. This was Yoon's first magazine photoshoot with a "dark" theme, since he is often given bright concepts because of his youthful appearance.

EXO members Baekhyun, Sehun, and Kai

EXO On Their 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Collaboration Song 'Lightsaber' And Future Goals

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 11.07.15 | 09:58PM EST

EXO group members Baekhyun, Sehun, and Kai talk about their "Lightsaber" collaboration single with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" as well as give a bit of information on their future plans as a group.

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