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GOT7 teaser Never Ever

8 Top K-pop Comebacks You Need To Watch Out For This March! GFRIEND, B.A.P., GOT7, Eric Nam, MONSTA X And More!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.06.17 | 07:33AM EST

Fans eagerly await new material of idols like GFRIEND, B.A.P., GOT7, Eric Nam, MONSTA X and more as labels tease more concept materials and pre release MVs of K-pop idol groups.

BTS Rap Monster

BTS' Rap Monster Revealed What It's Like To Have His Own Mother Doubted His Talent

Celebrities 03.06.17 | 07:32AM EST

BTS' member, Kim Namjoon a.k.a Rap Monter shared what he had to go through to become a Kpop idol. One of the struggles he had to endure is from his own mother who once disagreed with his choice of career path.

Sandara Park One Step

Sandara Park's Crowdfunded Movie 'One Step' To Come Out In April; Fans Excited Over Korean Version Of 'Begin Again'

Breaking News 03.06.17 | 07:34AM EST

Sandara Park stars in first major film role in "One Step," a crowdfunded movie that reached its goal of 100 million won within 24 hours. The film is said to be loosely based on Keira Knightley and mark Ruffalo's "Begin Again.

GOT7 Just Right MV 100 million views

GOT7's 'Just Right' MV Reaches Milestone 100 Million Views! iGOT7 Targets 5 Million Views In 24 Hours For 'Never Ever'

Breaking News 03.06.17 | 07:29AM EST

GOT7's "Just Right" MV breaches the 100 million view mark on youtube leading up to GOT7's release of "Flight Log" Arrival" album on March 13.

BtoB dropped extra teaser images for tenth mini album

BtoB Released Extra Teaser Images for 'Feel'eM' Mini Album With Fantasy Concept

Headlines 03.05.17 | 08:57AM EST

BtoB will release their tenth mini album on March 6. They have released teaser images before but recently they dropped extra teaser images with fantasy concept.

Eric Nam

5 K-pop Stars Who Were Discovered On Youtube: Ailee, Eric Nam, KASPER and more!

Features 03.04.17 | 09:14AM EST

Youtube is a popular platform to showcase the talent of K-pop stars like KASPER, Eric Nam, C-Clown, Ailee and Young K.

B.A.P. Himchan and Youngjae

B.A.P's Himchan Almost Had His Eyebrows Tattooed! K-pop Idol Shares How He Once Looked Like An Angry Bird

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.04.17 | 09:26AM EST

B.A.P's Himchan shared that he considers his natural eyebrows ugly and once considered to have them tattooed. His friends advised him against it but he now takes 40 minutes to do his eyebrows. His first attempt failed miserably and he ended up looking like an Angry Bird.

The Truth Behind Go Woori's Transfer Of Agency Company

The Truth Behind Go Woori's Transfer Of Agency Company

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 09:43AM EST

The real reason behind Go Woori's transfer to another agency company is finally unveiled.

The Reason Behind Kim Gu Ra Not Attending His Son's Graduation, Advices T.O.P. And Junsu

Reason Why Kim Gu Ra Fails To Attend Son's Graduation Day

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 08:24AM EST

The truth behind Kim Gu Ra not attending his son's graduation is finally unveiled. The K-pop celebrity also gives a word of advice for the newly enlisted T.O.P. and Junsu.

How Jang Do Yeon And Choi Min Yong Entrance In 'We Got Married' Affected Their Relationship

How Jang Do Yeon, Choi Min Yong Entrance In ‘We Got Married’ Affects Their Relationship

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 08:22AM EST

Choi Min Yong, together with Jang Do Yeon, are the newest couple to enter "We Got Married". This will surely have a serious effect on their relationship.

EXO's Lay, Luhan

EXO’s Lay Urges Fans To Calm Down Following Luhan’s New Track About Sasaengs ‘Roleplay’

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 09:43AM EST

Former EXO member, Luhan, recently released a new track "Roleplay" that expresses his disapproval about fans who cannot control themselves towards their biases. Meanwhile, Lay has demanded both fans and Luhan to hold back a little and try to understand each other.

Soohyun Shares Surprising Reaction After Knowing Eli's Marriage

Soohyun Shares Surprising Reaction After Knowing Eli's Marriage

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 03:37AM EST

Soohyun of UKISS has just spoken of the marriage of Eli. With it, he shares how he initially reacted to the news.

Jinyoung of GOT7 Shares Deep Feelings About 'Stray Goat' Character

Jinyoung of GOT7 Shares Deep Feelings About 'Stray Goat' Character

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 05:29AM EST

Jinyoung of GOT7 is in for some emotional sharing as he tells everything he felt about his new movie, "Stray Goat".


U-KISS ‘ Eli Apologizes For Making Fans And Fellow Group Members Disappointed About His Marriage

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 04:16AM EST

U-KISS members Soohyun and Jun guest starring the latest episode of "Mr. House Husband". The two members of U-KISS shared their opinions about Eli's decision to marry at such a young age.

iKON comeback

iKON To Start Filming For Music Videos In March, Gears For Major Comeback in April

Breaking News 03.03.17 | 03:58AM EST

iKON will return to the music scene in a big way as the boys start filming their MVs for new songs starting mid March. YG is reportedly eyeing a comeback for iKON after releasing WINNER's album.

U-KISS Kevin Woo

Kevin Is Leaving U-KISS, Record Label; NH EMG Plans One Last Event With 6 U-KISS Members

Breaking News 03.03.17 | 04:03AM EST

U-KISS member Kevin Woo has confirmed that he will be leaving popular K-pop group U-KISS to pursue a different path in his career. His record label NH EMG also confirmed his departure and announced plans to hold a final event with all 6 members of U-KISS for fans in Japan and Korea.

Chief Kim

5 Ways To Separate A Rookie K-Drama Viewer From A Veteran Fan

K-Drama 03.03.17 | 03:55AM EST

Korean dramas or K-dramas are quite popular around the world because of their wonderful stories, excellent cinematography, gorgeous actors and LSS-worthy soundtracks but there are those who go the extra mile to get their drama fix. here's how to weed out the rookies from the veteran viewers.

Lee Gikwang

BEAST’s Lee Gikwang Surprised He Was Named The Most Handsome Man In Asia

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 03:22AM EST

BEAST member, Lee Gi Kwang, was named as the most handsome man in Asia, according to I-Magazine. Other Kpop idols such as Chanyeol, Jackson, and Yoo Doo Jon also made it to the list.

Kim Bum attended his longtime fan's wedding a month ago.

Kim Bum Attended His Longtime Fan's Wedding To Surprise Her And Showed His Loyalty

Celebrities 03.03.17 | 03:40AM EST

Kim Bom was proven to be so loyal to his fans. He was reported attending his longtime fan's wedding a month ago to show his loyalty. He took a picture with the bride and groom.

Eric Nam revealed his plans in music for

Eric Nam Revealed His Future Plans In Music On Interview With 'Marie Claire'

Hot Issues 03.03.17 | 03:29AM EST

Eric Nam just had an interview with fashion magazine "Marie Claire."He revealed his further plan in music. Moreover, his collaboration with Tablo and Gallant was a great success.

Jun.K informed his current condition on twitter.

Jun.K Gave Update Of His Current Condition After Falling From Stage On His Twitter Account

Headlines 03.03.17 | 03:19AM EST

Jun.K was falling from 3-meter-high stage and he was hospitalized. Having surgery and needs to rest, he then informed his current condition on his instagram.

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