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Mamamoo's Wheein Featured In

Mamamoo’s Wheein Featured In ‘Anymore’ Track That Draw Flak Over Racist Issue

Celebrities 03.13.17 | 12:11PM EDT

Mamamoo's Wheein is not minding all of the issue that he group is facing, as she gets featured in Jung Key's "Anymore".

The Truth Behind Mamamoo's Alleged Racist 'Uptown Funk' Video

The Truth Behind Mamamoo's Alleged Racist 'Uptown Funk' Video

Celebrities 03.13.17 | 12:03PM EDT

Mamamoo is once again entangled in scrutiny due to the alleged racist "Uptown Funk" video they have just released.

Lee Min Ho And Jang Geun-suk Shifts Are Now J-Pop Idols

Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun-suk New J-Pop Idols

Celebrities 03.14.17 | 05:50PM EDT

Lee Min Ho, together with Jang Geun-suk is now the newest J-pop idols, having been featured in a Japanese magazine.

Lee Min Ho Is Now A Philanthropist, Donates Millions To UNICEF For World Water Day

Lee Min HoDonates Millions To UNICEF For World Water Day

Celebrities 03.13.17 | 12:02PM EDT

Lee Min Ho takes on a different field as he is now a kind hearted philanthropist.

Lee Min Ho And Park Shin Hye Loveteam Reunion: Everything You Need To Know

Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye Loveteam Reunion: Everything You Need To Know

Celebrities 03.13.17 | 12:01PM EDT

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are once again rumored to soon be reuniting for a new TV series. Now, the probability of it happening has been weighed in.

Ji Soo and Sandara Park Get It Beauty

Sandara Park Makes Ji Soo Blush With Her Romantic White Day Techniques

Breaking News 03.13.17 | 12:20PM EDT

2NE1's Sandara Park makes Ji Soo blush when he appears on OnStyle's Get It Beauty and she demonstrates her charming techniques on how to get closer to the guy she likes on White Day. Sandara and G-Dragon fans push guesting and wants to see who blushes more at the end of a Daragon episode.


Here's How GFRIEND Yuju Almost Had A Duet With Taylor Swift, Plus Her Other Quirks Revealed!

Breaking News 03.13.17 | 12:21PM EDT

GFRIEND Yuju shares her unique sleeping habits that made her almost collaborate with Taylor Swift. She also shares her unique way of saving her contacts in her phone.

EXO Sehun

The 5 Best Male Maknaes Of K-pop! BTS' Jungkook, EXO's Sehun, Super Junior's Kyuhyun & More!

Breaking News 03.14.17 | 05:47PM EDT

Choosing a favorite K-pop idol is tough work but the youngest members always hold a special place in the fans hearts. Check out this list of cutest k-pop maknaes as Kpopstarz tries to narrow down the list to the top 5. Spoiler: Sehun is included!

Kang Ye Won showed progress in singin on

Kang Ye Won Finally Showed Progress In Singing On 'Sister's Slam Dunk' Season 2, Overcoming Her Singing Trauma

Variety 03.12.17 | 12:01PM EDT

Kang Ye Won showed progress in singing when she was having a lesson with the vocal trainer in "Sister's Slam Dunk." She slowly gained confidence in singing during the show.

Lee Dong Gun was sitting next to Jo Yoon Hee on Radio Show team dinner.

Lee Dong Gun Was Spotted Sitting Next To Jo Yoon Hee, Revealing Their Togetherness On Public For The First Time

Celebrities 03.12.17 | 12:01PM EDT

Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee were just confirmed dating. Having to hide their feeling because of Dong's Gun fresh split with ex girlfriend, they finally were spotted together on team dinner.

AOA Will Hold Domestic Concert in Seoul with special stage prepared.

AOA Will Hold A Domestic Concert In Seoul And There Is A Special Stage Prepared To Satisfy Fans

Concerts / Perform 03.12.17 | 12:01PM EDT

AOA has just released an official album in January this year. They will hold a domestic concert for the first time after debut in Seoul with approximately 3,000 fans attending.

Somi cried when revealing her concern about her voice on

Somi Finally Revealed Her Concern Regarding Her Voice On 'Sister's Slam Dunk'

Variety 03.12.17 | 12:02PM EDT

On the recent episode of "Sister's Slam Dunk," Somi revealed her insecurity about her voice. She cried during the the talk with the vocal trainer. Watch out more here!

Park Bo Young Is Looking at Ji Soo in new stills of

New Stills For 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.' Park Bo Young Was Smiling At Ji Soo Constantly

Hot Issues 03.10.17 | 11:00AM EST

"Strong Woman Do Bong Soong" get a lot of attention for the fresh funny story and the great chemistry of the leads. Watch out the new stills to see the triangle love here!

Kang Ha Neul talked about his acting in

Kang Ha Neul Talked About His Role In 'New Trial' And Shared His Experience Playing A Character From Real Story

Variety 03.10.17 | 11:00AM EST

Recently, Kang Ha Neul did interview for "New Trial" and shared his experience in acting. Also, he won as kindest person on "Happy Together."

Lee Min HO donated money to UNICEF for upcoming World Water Day.

Lee Min Ho Donated Huge Money Second Year In A Row In UNICEF For People In Need Of Water

Headlines 03.10.17 | 10:58AM EST

Lee Min Ho was spotted donating money again to UNICEF to celebrate World Water Day. He has been donated large money as second year in a row to provide clean water.

GOT7 released MV making film, putting on serious faces.

GOT7 Were Looking Serious On MV Making Film Of 'Never Ever'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.10.17 | 10:57AM EST

GOT7 will have a comeback on March 13. After releasing some teaser images and clip, they showed MV making for "Never Ever" showing serious faces.

Bigbang's G-Dragon posted picture of Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung on his instagram.

BigBang's G-Dragon Wrote Cuties As A Caption For Picture Of Taeyang, Daesung, And Seungri On His Instagram, Showing His Love Towards The Members

Breaking News 03.10.17 | 10:41AM EST

Bigbang's GD posted a picture of his fellow members on March 9 to show his love. Moreover, GD will have a solo comeback this year.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Everything We Know About 'Horizon Zero Dawn' & Why Its Poised To Top Sales of 'Unchartered 4' & 'Metal Gear Solid V'

Breaking News 03.10.17 | 07:25AM EST

With sales projections pegged at 4-6 million units by the end of the year, 'Horizon Zero Dawn' is posed to match or even surpass the records set by 'Unchartered 4' and 'Metal Gear Solid V.' Gamers and reviewers impressed with rich visuals, solid plot, exciting man vs robot theme and wide terrain.

Eric Nam x Somi You, Who?

Eric Nam News and Updates: Eric Nam x Somi's 'Who, You?' MV Makes You Want To Fall In Love In The Springtime

Breaking News 03.10.17 | 07:26AM EST

The retro vibe of Eric Nam and Somi's MV for their collaboration for "You, Who?" provided the perfect backdrop to their flawless harmony and chemistry. Eric Nam announces comeback album "Interview" will release March 24.

Park Shin Hye Partners With Jung Joon II For 'Goblin' OST Music Clip

Park Shin Hye Partners With Jung Joon II For 'Goblin' OST Music Clip

Celebrities 03.10.17 | 07:09AM EST

Park Shin Hye will be partnering with Jung Joon Il for the OST music clip of "Goblin".

The Truth Behind Suzy Bae Refusing To Marry Lee Min Ho

The Truth Behind Suzy Bae Refusing To Marry Lee Min Ho

Celebrities 03.10.17 | 07:09AM EST

Suzy Bae has just been reported that she refused to marry Lee Min Ho. Now, the truth regarding the issue is finally unveiled.

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