Red Velvet at Girl Group & Actress Make Up Book Red Carpet

Red Velvet’s Conceptualization And Formidable Fashion [BLOG]

Buzz 09.15.15 | 04:45PM EDT

Since liveliness is their overall style, without a doubt, Red Velvet has shown us formidable fashion since the get-go.

SECRET's Jun Hyosung at a Press Conference of OCN Drama 'Cheo Yong'

Eat Like a K-Pop Star: Have Black Tea Affogato With SECRET's Jun Hyosung

Editorial 09.12.15 | 06:20AM EDT

This decadent Italian treat, and favorite of Secret's Hyosung, is easy enough to pull together in ten minutes -- do it now!

Profile of a K-Pop Fan Tori Koehl

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 18-Year-Old Tori Koehl Of Pennsylvania Loves The Warmth Of K-Pop, Beginning With EXO And Ailee

Interviews 09.12.15 | 08:00AM EDT

Tori didn't listen to her best friend for a long time about K-pop. Now she's obsessed.

SHINee Jonghyun Uses Face Mask On an Airplane?

The Famous 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine: Do I Really Have To Do All 10 Steps?

Editorial 09.12.15 | 07:10AM EDT

Find out what this 10-step Korean beauty routine is all about, and what steps you have to do to achieve skin as flawless as a K-pop star's.

Bang Yongguk (front) and his B.A.P bandmates

Bang Yongguk Wants You To Know That Everything’s Going To Be All Right [BLOG]

Features 09.11.15 | 09:44AM EDT

Was Bang Yongguk foreshadowing B.A.P's future when he wrote 'AM 4:44?'


8 Words You Began Using As A K-Pop Fan [BLOG]

Buzz 09.18.15 | 09:41AM EDT

Do you remember the first time you delved into K-Pop only to quickly discover the pandora's box of confusion you had just encountered?

Artist Spotlight: LiVii

Artist Spotlight: LiVii [BLOG]

Buzz 09.13.15 | 06:10AM EDT

If ‘90s anime and kawaii pastel goth blogs on Tumblr joined together and formed an entertainment company, LiVii would undoubtedly top its artist roster.


Bastarz, Jean Vigo, 'Zero For Conduct' And Internal Rebellion [BLOG]

Buzz 09.26.15 | 05:52PM EDT

Who is Jean Vigo and what does he have to do with Block B’s subunit Bastarz?


6 Can't Miss September K-Pop Comebacks From Male Solo Artists

Editorial 09.10.15 | 10:00AM EDT

Fall kicks off with more great releases from some of Korea's biggest stars. Check out which fellas you should be on the look out for this month.

Artist Spotlight: Pungdeng-E

Artist Spotlight: Pungdeng-E [BLOG]

Buzz 09.10.15 | 09:41AM EDT

Did you see a man wandering the grounds of KCON LA 2015 giving away free CDs of his favorite group?


7 Uniquely Shot K-Pop Music Videos [BLOG]

Buzz 09.14.15 | 09:06AM EDT

Have you ever watched a K-Pop music video and wondered if the music video had anything to do with the song?

K-Pop Inspired Back To School Trends

K-Pop Inspired Back To School Trends [BLOG]

Editorial 09.10.15 | 09:44AM EDT

Want to dress like your favorite K-Pop idol as you enter the new school year?

GOT7 [Just right] at SBS MTV 'THE SHOW All About K-pop'

DAY6 Vs. GOT7: What JYP Entertainment's 2 Newest Boy Bands Bring To The Table [POLL]

Editorial 09.09.15 | 06:11AM EDT

JYP Entertainment debuted two boy groups back to back, but there's enough K-pop for everyone.

Eric Nam To Speak And Sing At MOI'M Presents

Eric Nam To Guest At MOI’M Presents Unprecedented Event 'Inception: Hello New York'

Concert / Event 09.08.15 | 03:47AM EDT

The Korean pop singer will be making an appearance at the prestigious NYU Skirball Center hosted by MOI'M.


September K-Pop Comebacks: Which Has You Most Excited? [POLL]

Editorial 09.08.15 | 08:32AM EDT

After an exciting summer of releases, many more of our favorite K-pop acts are coming back with new music this month. Which are you most pumped to hear?

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho at Incheon Airport Heading to Shanghai

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: CL Under Fire, Yunho-Uee Dating Rumors, Ladies' Code Commemoration

Features 09.06.15 | 04:27PM EDT

This week saw dating rumors, an interview scandal, and a sad anniversary.

Kwak Si Yang & Hani

Kwak Si Yang, Intimate Photo Shoot With EXID's Hani 'Kim So Yeon Is Going To Be Jealous'

Editorial 09.07.15 | 10:29PM EDT

Actor Kwak Si Yang filmed a couple photo shoot with EXID's member Hani, catching much attention.

T.O.P Instagram Photo

5 Social Media Accounts Every K-Pop Fan Should Follow

Editorial 09.12.15 | 06:40AM EDT

K-pop idols love social media, and we love their updates. Here are five that every Hallyu fan must keep up to date on.


K-Pop New Releases August 30 - September 5

Weekly Wrap Up 09.05.15 | 05:03PM EDT

This week was filled with returns from girl groups and hip-hop acts.

EXO 'Growl' Tops U.S. Billboard '2013 K-Pop Best 20' Chart

K-Pop Mixtape: Songs To Ban The Back To School Blues

Editorial 09.04.15 | 10:16AM EDT

Summer may be over, but it doesn't have to be met with sadness. Here are some songs to chase away the back to school blues and pump you up for a new school year!

Ladies' Code RiSe, EunB Memorial

One Year After Tragedy: Remembering Ladies' Code's EunB And Rise

Features 09.03.15 | 10:33AM EDT

On the anniversary of the tragic car accident that cut short the lives of two idols, we remember their impact on the K-pop industry.

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