4Minute Discuss The Mixed Reactions To Their Latest Single 'Hate'

Buzz 02.22.16 | 01:22PM EST

The K-pop girl group recently returned with a new Skrillex-produced track, but the response from fans has been varied.

TWICE's Tzuyu

Koreans React To TWICE's Tzuyu

Scandals 02.16.16 | 12:24PM EST

It is pretty safe to say that TWICE member Chou Tzuyu has had one heck of a roller coaster ride these past few months.


APRIL Announce Official Name For Fan Club

Buzz 02.12.16 | 11:51PM EST

Under a year of debuting in the industry, APRIL has their own official fanclub name.

WINNER Ask in a Box

WINNER Show Their Closeness In 'Ask In A Box' Interview [VIDEO]

Buzz 02.14.16 | 11:35PM EST

WINNER show how close they've become as a group in their new video interview "Ask in a Box."

WINNER vocalist Nam Teahyun

WINNER Struggle To Maintain Artistic Freedom: 'After Creating A Mold...You Can't Create Anything' Band Member Nam Taehyun Says

Issues 02.12.16 | 05:24PM EST

Retaining the ability to take your music in whatever direction you want it to go isn't easy, whether you're a so-called pop "idol" or any artist, according to Nam Taehyun of the K-pop boy band WINNER.

NearlySeniorCitizen Bursts Into Tears Watching VIXX

VIXX's 'Error' Receives Emotional Reaction From YouTuber NearlySeniorCitizen

Trends 02.12.16 | 12:21PM EST

The U.S. Air Force veteran burst into tears mid-way through his K-pop reaction video.


British Singer-Songwriter MIKA Says Hello To Fans On V App Ahead Of Weekend Concerts In Korea

Concert / Event 02.12.16 | 12:41PM EST

MIKA used the popular celebrity live streaming app to promote his three performances this weekend.

Hwang Chi Yeol

Hwang Chi Yeol Jumps Past 3 Million Weibo Followers After 'I Am A Singer' Performance

SNS 02.12.16 | 12:50PM EST

Hwang Chi Yeol gains popularity in China after singing one song from Big Bang.

South Korean underground hip-hop artist Hwaji

Review: South Korean Rapper Hwaji Succeeds With A Sweeter Sound On 'Gypsy Girl' From His New Album 'Zissou' [AUDIO]

New Release 02.11.16 | 07:59PM EST

The bulk of the material on "Zissou," released Feb. 2 by Hwaji, could be considered experimental, but when he strips down his sound on the track "Gypsy Girl" that the Korean rapper is at his best.

Korean rapper E-Sens, in happier times.

K-Pop Double Take: Supreme Team's E-Sens Continues To Amaze From Behind Bars On 'The Anecdote' [AUDIO]

New Release 02.15.16 | 01:27PM EST

On the single "The Anecdote," released on Aug. 27, Supreme Team rapper E-Sens turns his recent trouble with the law into fuel for a fiery and cathartic performance for both him and his fans alike.

Cosmic Girls

Uncovering The K-Pop: Cosmic Girls

Buzz 02.14.16 | 11:32PM EST

Introducing the rookie girl group to keep an eye on in 2016.

K-pop boy band The Legend

The Legend, The KpopStarz Interview: The Band On Their Sound, Their Favorite Song And Why They're Dying For A Mamamoo Collaboration [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 02.24.16 | 06:13PM EST

The Legend sat down with KpopStarz in wide-ranging exclusive interview touching on the convenience of a smaller lineup, why they feel "Nail" best represents their style and their desire to collaborate with Mamamoo.


Veteran K-Pop Singer Insooni Responds To Tax Evasion Accusations

Buzz 02.11.16 | 11:53AM EST

Insooni denied the claims, which date back as far as 2005.

2NE1 Dara Thailand Visit

2NE1’s Dara Returns To Thailand

SNS 02.11.16 | 11:55AM EST

2NE1 singer and actress Sandara Park is back in Thailand, and her first stop is the capital Bangkok.


Pringles UK Tweets Birthday Message To Red Velvet's Seulgi

SNS 02.11.16 | 12:07PM EST

Seulgi did not expect to receive a birthday message from a popular chips brand.

Soloing Open up a Tumblr Account To Celebrate Her Birthday

Sooyoung Celebrates Her Birthday By Opening Up A Tumblr Account

SNS 02.11.16 | 12:09PM EST

The Girls' Generation singer turned 27 in South Korea.


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: zzapa Shows Why He Ranks Among South Korea's Elite Talent On 'Gotta Get Along Well' [AUDIO]

New Release 02.10.16 | 05:54PM EST

South Korean R&B artist-producer zzapa's latest single "Gotta Get Along Well," released on Thursday, has all of the consistency and creativity that has made him a difficult artist to match.

Youngmin Boyfriend

Boyfriend's Youngmin Rescues Fan From Being Hit By Car

Buzz 02.10.16 | 11:21AM EST

Youngmin proved himself a true gentleman when he shielded a fan from getting hit by a backing up car.

Why Did Stellar's 17 Million View Fancam Not Gain Momentum Like EXID?

Why Did Stellar's 17 Million View Fan-Cam Not Gain Momentum Like EXID's 'Up & Down'?

Trends 02.10.16 | 12:07AM EST

Although the two videos have similar view counts, EXID received much more viral success.

Eunji's post on Instagram

A Pink's Eunji Joins Instagram

SNS 02.10.16 | 12:47PM EST

Fans now have a new way to keep in touch with A Pink member Eunji.

CL Alexander Wang

K-Pop Double Take: 2NE1's CL Takes America On Her Aggressive U.S. Pre-Release Single 'Hello Bitches' [VIDEO]

New Release 02.11.16 | 11:04AM EST

On the 2NE1 vocalist's US debut, released Nov. 21, CL sets her sights on her competition across the Pacific. The result is a a warning shot across the bow of Western popular music.

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