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VIXX Hit #1 On 4 Online Music Charts With Release Of 2nd Full Album 'Chained Up'

Breaking News 11.09.15 | 09:43PM EST

Shortly after the album was released, the title song, "Chained Up", hit #1 on Mnet, Genie, Monkey3, and Naver Music.

Reply 1988 starring Hyeri achieves record viewership rate of 8.5%

'Reply 1988' Achieves Record Viewership Rate Of 8.5% During 1st Week Of Broadcast

Breaking News 11.12.15 | 12:43AM EST

Girls Day member Hyeri was also praised for her impressive acting skills.

Super Junior

Super Junior And SM Entertainment Launch 'Lable SJ' In Honor Of 10th Anniversary

Breaking News 11.06.15 | 10:05AM EST

The popular boy band is the first of the company's acts to receive their own subsidiary label.

Star Wars uploaded the silhoutte photo on their Facebook page

EXO To Appear In 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video

Breaking News 11.04.15 | 12:20AM EST

Fans guessed from the teaser which group it was almost immediately.

Lee Min Ho at Samsonite Red Fansign Event

Lee Min Ho's Personal Items Sell For $15,800 At Charity Auction In China

Breaking News 11.09.15 | 06:32AM EST

A few well-off and lucky Chinese fans are now the proud owners of some of actor Lee Min Ho's belongings.

MC Mong to hold solo concert on December 20th

MC Mong To Celebrate Christmas A Few Days Early With Solo Concert

Breaking News 10.29.15 | 11:22PM EDT

The rapper is gradually regaining popularity after a draft-dodging scandal.

Dream T to debut new 5-member boy group M.A.P.6 on November 10th

M.A.P 6 Announce November 10 Debut Date

Breaking News 10.29.15 | 11:02PM EDT

Girl's Day's younger brother group will finally make their debut.

Dal Shabet to release first Japanese album on November 4th

Dal Shabet To Release First Japanese Album In November

Breaking News 10.28.15 | 11:52PM EDT

Dal Shabet will soon make their debut in Japan with a full-length album!

Police arrest man who blackmailed Lee Yoo Bi's by stealing her cell phone

Man Who Stole Lee Yoo Bi's Phone Arrested By Police After Attempting To Flee The Scene

Breaking News 10.29.15 | 12:06AM EDT

The man threatened to leak the contents of the cell phone if Lee Yoo Bi didn't comply with his demands.

Brown Eyed Girls releases physics-based tracklist for upcoming album 'Basic'

Brown Eyed Girls Releases Physics-Inspired Tracklist For Upcoming Album 'Basic'

Breaking News 10.28.15 | 10:38PM EDT

Nearly every song is related to space or phyics in some way. Could this be a futurustic space concept?

Brown Eyed Girls release dreamlike comeback teasers for 'Basic'

Brown Eyed Girls Are More Than Just 'Basic' In Comeback Image Teasers

Breaking News 10.27.15 | 09:50PM EDT

The girls are coming back with a dream-like concept!

Twice release dance practice video for 'OOH-AHH'

TWICE Release Dance Version Music Video For 'OOH-AHH'

Breaking News 10.27.15 | 10:06PM EDT

Twice's debut music video broke a staggering 5 million views earlier today, 1 week after its release.

SHINee - Sing Your Song

SHINee Drops Music Video For Japanese Single 'Sing Your Song'

Breaking News 10.26.15 | 11:52PM EDT

The single album contains two songs: 'Sing Your Song' and 'Good Good Feeling.'

CJ E&M Building in Seoul

South Korean Media Contents Company CJ E&M Sued For $50 Million In U.S. Copyright Lawsuit

Breaking News 10.23.15 | 10:22AM EDT

DFSB Kollective's case against CJ E&M is the biggest music copyright infringement case of the year in the United States.

CJ E&M Building in Seoul

CJ E&M Reportedly Sued For $50 Million Over Copyright Violations

Breaking News 10.23.15 | 03:09AM EDT

The South Korea media giant has been sued for illegally distributing music without proper copyrights.

Unpretty Rapstar track producer chooses Hyorin and Yezi as top candidates for 1st place

'Unpretty Rapstar' Producer Chooses Hyorin And Yezi As Top Contenders For 1st Place

Breaking News 10.23.15 | 03:12AM EDT

The special guest, Yang Dong Goon, further explained the reasoning behind his decision and gave the rappers advice on how to survive.

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