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Rainbow Release Tracklist And Audio Teaser For Upcoming Album

Rainbow Release Tracklist And Audio Teaser For Upcoming Album 'Prism'

Breaking News 02.11.16 | 01:20AM EST

One of the song's on the album was fully written and composed by Rainbow's youngest member, Hyunyeong.

Chinese Company Alibaba Invests $30 Million In SM Entertainment

Chinese Company Alibaba Invests $30 Million In SM Entertainment

Breaking News 02.11.16 | 01:11AM EST

Alibaba, one of China's largest companies, now has the ability to influence decisions made at SM Entertainment.

Goo Hara Cast As Lead Role In Upcoming Drama

Goo Hara Cast As Lead Role In Upcoming Drama 'Babysitter'

Breaking News 02.11.16 | 12:45AM EST

This is Hara's first major role in five years since the 2011 hit action drama "City Hunter."

korean actress aoa seolhyun High Cut Magazine Vol 161 2015 Photos

Korean University Students Select Seolhyun, Park Bo Gum As Ideal Stars To Take Home For The Lunar New Year

Breaking News 02.09.16 | 12:49AM EST

The top five male and female celebrities were also ranked.

Park Bo Gum Clears Up Rumors Of Being In A Religious Cult

Park Bo Gum Clears Up Rumors About Being In A Religious Cult

Breaking News 02.09.16 | 12:41AM EST

Although the Reply 1988 star has attended the same church ever since he was a child, rumors only began recentlly.

Seolhyun Responds To Upcoming CF Star Tzuyu:

AOA's Seolhyun Responds To Ongoing 'Rivalry' With Twice's Tzuyu

Breaking News 02.03.16 | 10:54PM EST

AOA member Seolhyun has frequently been compared to Twice's Tzuyu due to both of them being extremely popular choices as advertising models.

What Will Happen To The 36 Trainees Cut From

40 Trainees Set To Be Cut In 1st Round Of MNet's 'Produce 101'

Breaking News 02.03.16 | 10:44PM EST

Nearly half of the shows's 101 girl group trainees will be eliminated.


New 4Minute Music Video Hits 1 Million Views Less Than 24 Hours After Release

Breaking News 02.03.16 | 12:48AM EST

It looks like the group's fans love to "Hate" right now with the comeback making serious waves on YouTube.

Tao Responds To Claims Of Him Inheriting $3 Billion Fortune From His Father

Tao Responds To Rumors He Is To Inherit $3 Billion From His Father

Breaking News 02.02.16 | 01:09AM EST

Tao's father, who demanded Tao's withdrawal from EXO, is reportedly a self-made business magnate who turned $6,000 into over $3 billion over a decade.

AOA Cream Teaser Image 1

AOA Cream Reveal Sweet Teasers For Their Debut

Breaking News 02.02.16 | 12:39AM EST

A series of alluring, creamy teaser images of the members has already been released, in addition to a short audio clip.

B.A.P Announce 'Carnival' Comeback EP And Teaser Schedule For February

B.A.P Want To Take Fans To 'Carnival' With Upcoming 5th EP

Breaking News 02.02.16 | 12:20AM EST

The new album comes only three months after their fourth EP was released in mid-November.

AOA's Seolhyun Follows Model Of The Year Award With Commercial Deal For Acuvue

AOA's Seolhyun Follows Model Of The Year Award With New Endorsement Deal

Breaking News 02.02.16 | 12:46AM EST

Seolhyun is following in the footsteps of Acuvue's previous brand representatives, top actresses Jun Ji Hyun and Han Hyo Joo.

Girl's Day Hyeri Attends DEFAYE Launching Event

'Reply 1988' Lead Hyeri Reveals Who She Would Choose As Her Husband In Real Life

Breaking News 01.29.16 | 10:25PM EST

Hyeri also answered which of the four would not be a suitable candidate for marriage.

4Minute Drops Comeback Music Video Teaser For

4Minute Drops Comeback Music Video Teaser For "Hate"

Breaking News 01.29.16 | 10:07PM EST

It looks like 4Minute may changing up their sound a bit as the title track seems to have a slower beat than the group's previous release, "Crazy."

4minute Release Tracklist For Upcoming

4minute Release Tracklist And Individual Teasers For Upcoming Album 'Act. 7'

Breaking News 01.26.16 | 12:25AM EST

The time has come for 4minute to make their comeback. And as previous reports say, American DJ Skrillex lent his hands for their title track "Hate."

Sistar's Dasom Responds To Vicious Hater On Instagram

Sistar's Dasom Responds To Hurtful Message On Instagram

Breaking News 01.26.16 | 12:39AM EST

Though some of us may just brush off hateful remarks, the singer did not hold back and stood up for herself when a comment crossed the line.

Seung Yeon Joins New Agency After Leaving Kara

Seung Yeon Signs With J. Wide Company After Kara's Disbandment

Breaking News 01.26.16 | 12:04AM EST

After leaving DSP Media earlier this month, Seung Yeon has officially signed with a new company to continue her career.

Mamamoo To Drop Free Single Ahead Of Full Length Album Comeback In February

Mamamoo To Drop A Free Single Ahead Of Full Length Album

Breaking News 01.26.16 | 12:16AM EST

The group held their previous comeback in June 2015 with the title track, "Uhm Ah Oh Yeah." Now they're back with a free track in light of their February comeback.

Nega Network Boys Lunafly And LC9 Show The Lovable Side Of Them To The Media In Indonesia For 'LUKIE BEAT Live in Concert’ [PHOTOS]

'Brown Eyed Boys' LC9 Disband In Way 'Everyone Saw Coming'

Breaking News 01.24.16 | 12:54PM EST

The Nega Network boy band debuted in 2013.

A Pink's Na Eun, CN Blue's Lee Jung Shin, Jung Il Woo, And Others Cast In Upcoming Fantasy Drama

A Pink's Naeun, CNBLUE's Jung Shin And Jung Il Woo Cast In Upcoming Fantasy Drama

Breaking News 01.24.16 | 01:38PM EST

The drama will produced by the same team that produced "You Who Came From The Stars" and "Reply 1988," setting high expectations.

YG Announces Exact Date Of Lee Hi's Comeback

Lee Hi Teases WINNER's Upcoming Track Off 'Exit Movement: E" With A Cover Of 'Baby Baby'

Breaking News 01.21.16 | 10:43PM EST

In light of her own comeback album, Lee Hi keeps the teasing alive with her "Baby Baby" cover to showcase Winner;s upcoming album.

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