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Idols You Never Guessed Are More Famous In Japan

By Chaeil Lee | June 13, 2017 01:26 PM EDT

K-Pop is quite the phenomenon within its own country, but it has a bigger international following than some may think! Japan is one of Korea's neighboring countries that are absolute addicts for K-Pop idols. Check out these idols who are a total success even in Japan.


CNBLUE are the 'IT' group of Japan when it comes to boy bands. Japan is known for having an awesome rock and roll concept for many of their bands, so CNBLUE fits in like a glove. “The Way” and “I Don’t Know Why” were some of their first hits to land them top spots on the Oricon charts.


Mostly male K-Pop groups seem to dominate the Japanese market, but CLC are a force to be reckoned with! CLC slowly take over Japan as they released Japanese EP ‘High Heels,’ which contained “Pepe,” “First Love,” “High Heels” and “Like.” ‘Charisma” peaked at number 9 on the Oricon Daily Albums Chart, making it their first release to enter the Top 10 of the Oricon Chart as well.


Aside from their struggles and achievements on 'Produce 101,' the boys of NU'EST are killing it in Japan. Not only did they remake some of their Korean songs but they also released singles such as “Shalala Ring.” They have held more tours and concerts in Japan compared to any other country.


The girls of KARA are, without a doubt, the largest and best selling K-Pop group in Japan. From countless advertisement and endorsement deals, Japanese releases such as "Jet Coaster Love," and countless concerts, KARA are the definition of K-Pop for the Japanese. They were so popular that they were even the first K-Pop idols to be made into the life-like ball-jointed dolls.


Although they go back and forth between Korean and Japanese promotions, 100% do pretty well in Japan. Over 3 various solo concerts, such as their ‘ZEPP’ Tour ,and their music has earned some respectable spots on music charts, making them a group to look out for.


As stated earlier, boy bands get all the attention! N.Flying became a hit as soon as they debuted with “Basket,” a song that placed 2nd on the Oricon Charts. They have successfully 4 original Japanese singles and held over 8 solo concerts/tours collectively in Japan.

Code V

Practically unheard of in Korea, Code V debuted in 2011 with Japanese versions of “Addiction” and “Miracle.” The talented boys also ranked first in a survey that asked Japanese fans to choose a Korean artist's debut that they were looking forward to the most. The boys have collectively created over 14 Japanese singles, alongside 3 albums.


The Japanese love a good ballad, and what better group to complete the job other than BTOB? They have released hit after hit in Japan! Debuting in the "K-Dream Live" concert at Tokyo Dome and Sapporo for ‘K-Pop Nonstop Live' in 2012, their success was a cake walk from there. They continued with Japanese single “‘Future,” which recorded over 70,000 sales and charted at 2nd place on the Oricon Charts.


When it comes to U-KISS, their success history can go on and on. In just one year the group released ‘U-KISS Days in Japan,’ which debuted at No. 8 on the Daily Oricon Chart and soon after their album ‘First Kiss,’ placed 2nd on the Oricon daily charts the day of its release. Their second chart topper “Stay Gold” saw more success as it earned them a 2nd place spot on the Oricon Charts in 2015. They keep up their success with various fan meetings, showcases and tours and more in Japan.


If you have been wondering where the boys of Boyfriend have gone off to, they are making it big in Japan. With over 5 yearly consecutive tours in Japan it is no surprise they are so famous! Since then they are still releasing Japanese singles and Japanese versions of their Korean songs, with the current one being “To My Best Friend” and “Jackpot.”


JYP made the right decision by investing these fine lads into the Japanese market. 2PM have a huge Japanese following! They received peeked popularity in 2011 from their hit debut single “Take Off,” which was on OP for hit anime ‘Blue Exorcist.’ They were also awarded the “2nd best selling new artist” in Japan’s Oricon charts.

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