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Jang Nara Showing Un-aging Appearance As The Ambassador Of President Election In Korea, Leaving Netizens Wondering Her Secret

By Siti Fatimah | April 20, 2017 08:03 PM EDT

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Jang Nara looking really young at her 37-year-old age. / Credit: Getty Images/Stringer

Jang Nara has been in entertainment industry for so long. She started to get more popularity when she was starring drama in China. She soon got really popular thanked to her acting and singing. Having a baby face, her face looks really young despite of his real age.

Recently, Jang Nara attended the opening ceremony of "Election, Makes the Republic of Korea" in Seoul on Apr. 17. Seeing her flawless face, many netizens cannot believe that the actress is 37 years old.

The 37 year old actress attended the event as she was chosen as the ambassador of the 19th president election in Korea. The election will be held next month and Korean people will choose a new president to replace the last president who was removed from her office because of corruption scandal, WashingtonPost reported. It was a big issue in history of Korea, but people are having a new hope towards the election next month.

Attending, the event, the actress looked flawless with her black blouse. She looked feminine as the blouse was completed with white frills and pearl buttons. Her skin was looking nice and white. Completed with her big eyes, she still looked in her 20s, AllKpop reported.

Seeing her pictures at the event, many netizens are amazed by her capability taking care of her skin. She seems to have a good fair skin without any acne. Moreover, there is no wrinkle seen on her face.

Meanwhile, Jang Nara will have her next project in a drama "Housewife Detective" with 2PM's Chansung, and more. The table reading has been done and it will be filming in the first half of 2017. Also, the drama will be aired in Korea and other countries at the same time, Soompi reported. Jang Nara's fans are really happy for her next project and cannot wait to see how the story goes.

Many netizens want to know Jang Nara's secret in maintaining her skin. Starting her career at a young age, Jang Nara has shown modesty in big popularity. No surprise that she was chosen as the ambassador of the election. Her fans are always rooting for the career of the singer and actress.

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