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A Glimpse On How BIGBANG Spends Their Quality Time Together

By Staff Writer | March 14, 2017 06:00 PM EDT

A Glimpse On How BIGBANG Spends Their Quality Time Together
It remains a mystery as to how one of the most popular K-pop groups, Big Bang, gets to spend their time when they’re alone and with each other’s company. (Photo : Kpop [VGK])

Just last March 9, G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang, has posted a photo together with the other members of the group. The boys were seen to be dining at a local restaurant in the picture, happily spending their free time with each other's company. Meanwhile, G-Dragon is seen to be staring at the window.

According to All K-pop, the most interesting thing about the photo is because of G-Dragon's caption. Meanwhile, T.O.P. also revealed that he and G-Dragon shared many secrets about their respective views about love and relationship, as well as their respective affairs with someone.

However, T.O.P. also said that there was a time when G-Dragon revealed T.O.P.'s secret to another person. Because of this, T.O.P. was forced to share and talk about his love life to someone else. This shows that despite the differences of the members in the group, they still manage to laugh things out.

According to Korea Portal, the reason as to why T.O.P. missed the military ceremony was due to health problems. A lot of fans were surprised to know that he was absent in one of the most important events of his life.

Now, the wondering fans would surely be at peace, knowing that he is just safe and has resorted to ensure his health first. It is worth noting that Big Bang also released their recent album entitled, "Made". This was released before T.O.P. enlisted in the military.

To sum it all up, Big Bang indeed has a very bright future ahead of them. They have the chemistry that is lacking in other boy bands. Their recent picture together just shows how close that bond is, which is very essential if you are one of the faces of the K-pop industry.

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