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GOT7's Jackson Will Not Participate In Any Schedules Until March 19 For Resting, Stated By JYP Entertainment

By Siti Fatimah | March 13, 2017 06:25 PM EDT

Jackson tobe  absent from any activities until March 19 due to health issue.
Jackson's health has been a problem due to exhaustion. Got caught by fans to almost faint during fan meeting, finally the company stated he needed to rest and would be free from any activity until March 19. (Photo : jypentertainment/YouTube)

GOT's Jackson was spotted to throw up and almost faint during fan meeting. Thus, he was hospitalized and needed to rest. The recent news stated that he would take a break for several days due to his health issue.

According to AllKpop, JYP Entertainment announced that Jackson would not participate in any schedules until March 19. It was due to his health problem. Also, the company stated that there was nothing wrong with Jackson from the hospital diagnosis but he needed to rest and focus on recovering.

Jackson's schedule has been piled up with his activities with GOT7, variety shows, and he even hosted several programs in China. Thus, he often went back and forth from Korea to China. It is no surprise that he got exhausted due to his packed schedules.

Jackson has caught much attention as he is multi-talented. He is not only good in rapping and dancing, but he is also good in variety show and hosting a program. He even won Best Rookie Award for his appearance in variety show "Roommates," reported by Soompi.

Having his achievement, he still wanted to show his best and let people knew GOT7 more. He took part in "Law of the Jungle," "Real Men," "Take Care of My Fridge," "Cool Kiz on the Block," "Happy Camp," and many more. Plus, he was also doing his best to catch up with GOT7 activities.

Jackson is known to be the most cheerful member in GOT7. Thus, the members want him to recover soon. Having the news, Igot7 will not be able to watch Jackson on GOT7's comeback. But still, fans will be able to see him next week. Fans hope that Jackson will recover soon and he will come back as the mood maker in the group to make the comeback more complete.

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