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The Case Of JYJ And SM Entertainment: Finally The Shocking Truth Was Revealed Through Released Documents From The Court

By Siti Fatimah | March 13, 2017 06:24 PM EDT

The truth revealed regarding JYJ and SM Entertainment case.
The case between JYJ and SM Entertainment was huge. Even though it was solved already but fans were still mad due to unfair act by SM. But after all this time, the truth has been revealed. Find out here! (Photo : lllerinarylll/YouTube)

It was a hot topic when JYJ filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment claiming there was a slavery contract. Got the problem solved in 2012, the documents regarding the lawsuit could be seen and there was some shocking news.

According to AllKpop, in 2015, a law was passed that anyone requested the documents from a civil case was allowed. Thus, some people requested the documents to find out the truth. Based on the points organized by, it was revealed that there was no slavery contract. It was revealed the claims of both sides and the final reconciliation suggested by the court.

Everyone might get shocked having this truth. But, regarding both claims, both SM and JYJ could solve it really well. One more surprising fact was that SM Entertainment never pressured the broadcast stations to not work together with JYJ. The PDs said that JYJ never requested deliberation for broadcast and no one blocked them.

Regarding the case in the past, fans were already mad at SM to claim blocking JYJ's activities. As they were JYJ's fans, they were so sad to hardly watch JYJ on screen. Previously, JYJ's agency said that they had fought with unfair conditions for seven years and hoped it wouldn't happen again, according to Soompi. But as the agency stated their claim, doubt occurred because the one making the decision for artists appearing on TV was the producer. Moreover, PDs said that the accusation was not true and there was no one blocking them.

Many people might not believe the truth yet. But as the documents revealed, they are the real proof for the case. It might be shocking but it can be a good lesson to not jump to conclusion yet before the fact given. For the fans, they still can show their true love to JYJ by supporting Jaejoong's comeback with his concert.

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