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Kang Ye Won Finally Showed Progress In Singing On 'Sister's Slam Dunk' Season 2, Overcoming Her Singing Trauma

By Siti Fatimah | March 12, 2017 12:01 PM EDT

Kang Ye Won showed progress in singin on "Sister's Slam Dunk" season 2.
Kang Ye Won showed progress in singing when she was having a lesson with the vocal trainer in "Sister's Slam Dunk." She slowly gained confidence in singing during the show. (Photo : Artists news KFK/YouTube)

Kang Ye Won is one of the members in "Sister's Slam Dunk." She was a great singer before and had to stop singing because of vocal cord problem. Also, she had a trauma singing in high note. During the show, she could slowly heal her trauma in singing.

As reported by AllKpop, Kang Ye Won showed progress in singing on "Sister's Slam Dunk" Season 2. On the recent episode which was aired on March 10, she was coached by Jang Jin Young, SM vocal trainer. Ye Won said she would change her way in singing to utilize her vocal chords properly. She could recover her soprano singing skills while learning it. She then said that she would like to have more lessons with her, showing no giving up yet.

It was a great attitude and courage of her to try to learn more. She wanted to progress much on the show and became a great girl group member. Her determination was first spotted during dance lesson when she wanted to pass other casts to take the lead position.

Kang Ye won was also encouraged by Wendy when Red Velvet came to the show. Wendy was reported having vocal cord nodules before, revealed by her vocal trainer, Jang Jin Young, reported by RedVelvetUpdates. Having the same problem with Kang Ye Won, Wendy heard her concern and gave her secret how to solve the problem. Kang Ye Won felt assured as hearing her advice and gained her confidence in singing.

The process of making a girl group is not easy. Different training is needed and the members need to understand each other to make the unity. It seems to not be easy for "Sister's Slam Dunk" season 2 to produce girl group because of big gap in age. But viewers expect a lot since each individual has their own charm. Plus, the members show they train hard to make it to their debut.

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