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AOA Will Hold A Domestic Concert In Seoul And There Is A Special Stage Prepared To Satisfy Fans

By Siti Fatimah | March 12, 2017 12:01 PM EDT

AOA Will Hold Domestic Concert in Seoul with special stage prepared.
AOA has just released an official album in January this year. They will hold a domestic concert for the first time after debut in Seoul with approximately 3,000 fans attending. (Photo : 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube)

AOA is a girl group from MNC Music, debuted in 2012. Having seven members in the group, Seolhyun got a lot of attention after playing in a drama and got commercial. Her body figure has been acknowledged of body goal. After starting the year with their comeback, they were reported to hold their domestic concert soon.

As reported by AllKpop, the group would hold their concert on March 11. AOA would hold the concert with title "Ace of Angels in Seoul" and it would be done at Seoul's Olympic Park and it was reported that there were approximately 3,000 fans attending. The girls commented that they would prepare special stage to satisfy fans.

AOA has been recognized for their hit singles, "Miniskirt," "Like A Cat," "Short Hair," and "Heart Attack." Even though with those songs, they haven't made an official album, the group often topped the charts. Earlier this year, AOA has released an official album "Angle's Knock" with double title songs "Excuse Me" and "Bing Bing." The song "Excuse Me" won the first spot on some music shows.

Many people have expected their comeback, especially with the official first album, but it didn't do well as expected. Many people thought it was a failure as the songs didn't really top the charts as before. Also, people gave little attention to the double singles.

Reported by SBS, AOA's failure with the official album was because of some reasons. The first reason was that the song wasn't the best single like before. The second, the concept was too sexy and it was outdated as the current trend was cute. And the third, mostly the fans turned their backs from AOA because they kept releasing sexy concept and never tried to court female fans. Lastly, the scandal around AOA and Selhyun's dating with Zico played part to the failure of the album.

As many reasons piled up, AOA's official album didn't do well as expected. Still, AOA tried to regain their popularity by planning to hold a concert. The group hopes that the upcoming concert will satisfy fans and they can regain strong fan base like they used to be.

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