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T.O.P, Junsu Finishes Four-Week Military Training, K-Pop Duo Proceeds For Their Police Education

By Eddwyn A. | March 09, 2017 07:31 AM EST

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T.O.P and Junsu have finally finished their military training. The K-pop idols will now start their police education training.

BIGBANG's T.O.P and JYJ's Junsu are finally on the next step in their military career. According to All Kpop, the K-pop idols will now begin their police education training on March 9.

T.O.P and Junsu have finally completed their one month basic military training at the Nonsan Army Training Center in Chungcheong province. After reuniting with their respective families, T.O.P and Junsu will be heading to their respective stations.

T.O.P will be stationed at Seoul's Metropolitan Police Department as a conscripted policeman. Junsu on the other hand, will be stationed at the District Police Department in Gyeonggi. T.O.P and Junsu will be training again in their respective stations in the course of 2-3 weeks.

Earlier this year in February, T.O.P and Junsu enlisted in the military as part of South Korea's mandatory service for men. The K-pop duo enlisted on Feb. 9.

Despite T.O.P and Junsu's efforts of keeping their enlistment below the radar, fans were already waiting outside the Nonsan Army Training Center. The fans were waiting for the K-pop duo since 5 a.m. They have such devotion.

T.O.P and Junsu's fans were carrying banners that wished them good luck. The fans were also waiting for the K-pop duo as they wanted to extend their goodbyes personally.

On Feb. 15, first photos of T.O.P and Junsu in their military uniform surfaced. The duo posed with their comrades wearing berets and green fatigues.

Just recently, another photo of T.O.P surfaced as previously reported. Compared to the first pictures in Feb. 15, T.O.P looked more relaxed in the recent ones.

T.O.P even strikes his signature "Finger Point" pose for the recent pictures. No pictures of Junsu were released, however.

T.O.P and Junsu's service in the military will continue for 9 months, ending on Nov. 8, 2018. Best of luck, guys!

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