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Pewdiepie Is A Closet K-Pop Fan: Famous YouTuber Claims BIGBANG's G-Dragon Is His Favorite [WATCH]

By Eddwyn A. | March 08, 2017 09:58 PM EST

Pewdiepie revealed in a recent vlog that BTS' G-Dragon is his favorite K-pop idol. (Photo : PewDiePie / YouTube)

It seems Pewdiepie as a closet K-pop fan. In a vlog uploaded November last year, Pewdiepie visited a Koreatown in Santa Monica, California and revealed G-Dragon is his favorite K-pop idol.

Felix Kjellberg or as he is famously known as "Pewdiepie" is currently, no doubt - THE BIGGEST, MOST FAMOUS YOUTUBER EVER! With over 50 million subscribers and garnering more than 2 million views per video, Pewdiepie might even be the richest YouTuber too.

Last year in November, Pewdiepie went to California to shoot episodes for YouTube Red's series "Scare Pewdiepie" which was in its second season. He then records a series of vlogs to keep the fans updated. He called the vlogs "Birdabo".

In his 10th Birdabo video, he decided to go to a nearby Korea Town with his girlfriend Marzia and his pal Brad. In a segment in the video, Pewdiepie entered a Korean record shop.

Pewdiepie then revealed that BIGBANG's G-Dragon is his favorite idol, reports Koreaboo. He even sang his version of "Crooked" before being shut up by Brad.

Pewdiepie even impersonated Song Joong Ki's pose for 7 Days Mask. He also mimicked Rap Monster and Jimin's facial expressions on BTS' "Epilogue" merchandise.

Unfortunately, Pewdiepie did not finish his vlogs. In his last vlog in California, he explained that making the vlogs was too stressful and he just can't keep up.

In other news, Maker Studios (a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company) severed their ties with Pewdiepie, reports Kotaku. The studio pointed the now-deleted video of the YouTuber where he paid two Indian men to hold up a sign that read "Death to All Jews", an ultimately offensive anti-Semitic joke.

Pewdiepie and the two Indian men were banned from "Fiverr", the site where the anti-Semitic video was uploaded. He later pleaded to the Fiverr to un-ban the duo as it was the only way they were making money and because they didn't know what the message meant.

"Although Felix [Pewdiepie] has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate," said Maker Studio's spokeswoman. Maker Studios helped Pewdiepie build his own entertainment network "Revelmode"

Pewdiepie later apologized for the incident in a video - saying that he is in no way whatsoever, supporting any kind of hateful attitudes.

Meanwhile, watch Pewdiepie's trip to Korea Town down below. It starts at mark 6:08.

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