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Joo Won Renewed His Contract With His Current Label, Huayi Brothers, Continuing Seven Years Of Good Partnership

By Siti Fatimah | March 08, 2017 11:47 AM EST

Joo Won renewed his contract with Huayi Brothers.
Joo Won has just renewed his contract with Huayi Brothers for has been being good partner for him. Read also Joo Won's steps in his career from early to now. (Photo : FA-TopList/YouTube)

Actor Jo Woon has been rising since playing some leads in dramas. Also, he was doing really great and got recognition for playing main lead in "Yong Pal." Having an end to the contract, he recently renewed his contract with Huayi Brothers.

As reported by AllKpop, Huayi Brothers stated that they would do their best to continue working together. Joo Won and Huayi Brothers had 7 years to rely on each other. The trust that had been built would like to be continued.

During Joo Won's career in 7 years, the agency has done their best and so has Joo Won. Both have a good trust and results in strong partnership. Joo Won's decision was really wise to continue with a label that did their best for him.

Previously, Joo Won was in a hot topic as he revealed his relationship with SM artist, BoA. As reported by DramaFever, Joo Won and BoA met through friends and built up bond due to the same hobby. Both like hiking, playing golf, music and acting. For those similarities, they decided to date. It was reported that Joo Won gave feedback to BoA's acting so she could do better. They supported each other on their career and thus the relationship grew closer.

Joo Won is an actor that always does his best. Thus, he got recognition step by step and his acting has been improved. Playing in "Kim Takgu," everyone could easily spot that he was good in acting. He also did well playing a person with down syndrome in "Good Doctor" with Moon Chae Won. He was in the spotlight and got praised by many people, playing the main lead in "Bridal Mask." And finally, he was among other big stars playing in "Yong Pal." He even got Daesang Award for this role.

Joo Won is now filming a drama "My Sassy Girl." It is the adaptation from the same drama of the same title. Fans can see his acting in this May.

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