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These Girl Group Members Were Caught Fangirling Over Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | March 08, 2017 05:12 AM EST

Taeyeon is more than just a pretty face. The SNSD front-woman has a lot of quality that everyone just loves. (Photo : Taeyeon/Instagram)


Kim Taeyeon of Girls Generation can be considered as a legend in Kpop industry. Her talent and beauty have attracted millions of people's attentions including fellow Kpop idols. A lot of girl group idols have admitted being Taeyeon's fans and even take her as a role model.

Korea Boo noted that all of the girls in Red Velvet are no doubt one of Taeyeon's biggest fans. They even showed their support directly to Taeyeon and wished her good luck in backstage before she performed at SBS' "Inkigayo". Irene and the girls brought along Taeyeon's photograph to show her that she has their full supports. On another occasion during a live broadcast, Wendy and Yeri couldn't hide their excitement when they saw Taeyeon, and every time Taeyeon's songs come up on the radio, they couldn't resist singing along.

Luda of Cosmic Girls also shared the same enthusiasm as Red Velvet girls every time she heard of Taeyeon. There was one time when Luda couldn't help but scream enthusiastically upon receiving a copy of Taeyeon's latest album and poster from a fan. Luda's fellow, Yeonjung also has a crush on Taeyeon that she even named her as a role model. Yeonjung also wished that someday she would be able to sing a duet with the SNSD's front-woman.

TWICE members also have been caught several times fangirling over Taeyeon. The girls soon sing along when they hear Taeyeon's song was played. To make it mutual, Taeyeon is in fact TWICE fan as well. The singer even posted a video of her dancing to TWICE's hit "TT" on Instagram. Not only that, she was also seen dancing to "Knock Knock" during Music Bank's encore stage.

According to Soompi,  AOA's Seoulhyun also expressed her love for Taeyeon lately. During MBC FM4U, Kim Shin Young delivered the news directly to Taeyeon. It turns out; the AOAmember sent a screenshot of her playlist that mostly consists of Taeyeon's songs to Kim Shin Young. Taeyeon was flattered upon hearing that story and she expressed her gratitude to Seolhyun. Taeyeon also said that Seolhyun shouldn't be too shy to approach her directly.

These girl group members have made the right call to make Taeyeon as their role model. Taeyeon has been known not only for her great talent in music. Her warm personality has made every girl finds a big sister figure inside of her. Recently, Taeyeon has scored the second highest spot on Billboard's music chart with her first full solo album, adding another reason to love this talented artist even more.



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