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Jisoo's 'Weird Similarities With Actor Park Bo Gum & Jin Of BTS', Claims Fans

By Eddwyn A. | March 08, 2017 04:48 AM EST

Blackpink Jisoo for 'Stay'
Blackpink Jisoo for 'Stay' (Photo : Blackpink FB Page)

Some K-pop fans in the K-pop community have recently noticed Jisoo of BLACKPINK and actor Park Bo Gum's similarities. Some also have compared Jisoo and BTS' Jin and noticed that they looked like siblings.

Fans in the K-pop community have recently noticed that Jisoo from BLACKPINK looks like the actor Park Bo Gum. GIFs found on All Kpop quite suggests that they kind of do.

It can be easily discerned in the GIFs that Jisoo and Park Bo Gum really do have quite the similarities. It's their smiles that give it away.

A fan on an online community even said that "... They look alike when they smile" which was also seconded by another fan. The lines on Jisoo and Park Bo Gum's cheeks are also a similarity.

Even Jin of BTS was also compared to Jinsoo. Their similarities were noticed when the two were side-by-side on SBS' "Ingikayo".

Ingikayo's episode on Feb. 26 saw Jisoo as she was made MC for the first time in the show. BTS was also in the show as they promoted for their new album "You Never Walk Alone".

The fans then noticed Jisoo and Jin's similarities as they were side-by-side at the talk portion of Ingikayo. Jin even accidentally hit Jisoo with his arms.

This was where fans collected pictures of the two, comparing them tirelessly. The two could really pass as siblings as they appeared to have the same eye shape.

Jisoo and Jin's lip shape are of the same, too. Heck, even their nose are the same.

One picture compiled by fans even showed baby pictures of the two. Jisoo and Jin's semblance really is uncanny.

In other news, a video from Dec. 3, 2016 showed Jisoo politely refusing a gift bag from a fan as K-pop idols are not allowed to receive gifts from fans. Jisoo, however, accepted a notepad from the said fan, as previously reported.

Jisoo also received a yellow box that contained a small toy as well. It appears that the "Kim young Ran Law" is the reason behind Jisoo not accepting the entire gift bag.

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