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8 Top K-pop Comebacks You Need To Watch Out For This March! GFRIEND, B.A.P., GOT7, Eric Nam, MONSTA X And More!

By Angie Chui | March 06, 2017 07:33 AM EST

GOT7 teaser Never Ever
Fans eagerly await new material of idols like GFRIEND, B.A.P., GOT7, Eric Nam, MONSTA X and more as labels tease more concept materials and pre release MVs of K-pop idol groups. (Photo :

January and February may have been totally big months for K-pop as idols like BTS, TWICE, BIG BANG, and Taeyeon lit up the charts and smashed viewing records for their new material. March promises to be even bigger as more acts make their comebacks and are promoting their albums with red hot teasers that already have fans planning how to camp out in front of record bars to be the first to get them.

Here are the Top 8 Idol comebacks that should fans should totally watch out for. Some of them have already dropped, reported Kpopmap, their albums so you'd better make sure you make get yours quick too.

VICTON. If you still haven't got your copy of their mini album "Ready" which came out March 2, you should totally check out their Eyez Eyez title track to get you inspired.

GFRIEND. If you're a long-time fan of GFRIEND, you will be happy to note that they've updated their look to an edgier style. Their teasers for their "Fingertip" title track for The Awakening album has the girls channeling their inner Taylor Swift for that Bad Blood vibe, Kpopstarz reported.

BTOB. BTOB is back in a big way with their Feel'Em album. Based on the audio teasers and concept photos released for the album, it promises to deliver on a magical ride for their fans.

BAP. While Himchan and Youngjae charmed the socks off Beauty View viewers when they adorably shared their beauty regimens on the show, B.A.P's comeback album "Rose" promises to be just as exciting as their previous effort "Noir." Good news for B.A.P. fans as Bang Yong Guk will be returning with the group for "Rose" after he temporarily get treatment for his panic disorder last year.

Eric Nam. After successfully collaborating with Gallant and Tablo for the single "Cave Me In" and Timbaland for the track "Body", talented singer Eric Nam is set to make his comeback this month. It has not been confirmed when the album will be out but the album is reported to explore his sweet side.   

GOT7. GOT7's "Flight Log: Arrival" is expected to be one of the most highly anticipated comeback releases next month. JYP Entertainment has been quite busy setting up events to get fans further excited about the new album resulting in iGOT7 members going nostalgic and propelling one of the boys' older songs "Just Right" to 100 million views on youtube due to excessive excitement. Not a bad way to welcome a new album.

MONSTA X. Monsta X has confirmed that it will be releasing its much anticipated comeback on March 21. The new album will be entitled "The Clan 2.5" which is intended as the final chapter of "The Clan" series.

 Highlight. The Kpop group formerly known as BEAST has rebranded with a new name and with it, comes their latest album called "Can You Feel It?" The album comes out March 20.

Other K-pop comebacks to look forward to this month include Brave Girls,  Romeo, Jeon JiYoon, TEENTOP, Wa$up, WINNER, T-ARA's, Be.A, and SixBomb. Rain is also rumored to make another comeback this month. 



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