Suzy, Park Won Drops The Duet MV 'Don't Wait For Your Love' With Nice Concept And Meaning

By Siti Fatimah | March 01, 2017 07:17 AM EST

Suzy and Park Won released their duet song "Don't Wait for Your Love."
Suzy and Park Won dropped the MV song of their duet on Feb. 28. Having the title "Don't Wait for Your Love," the song shows sweet voices of them both. Moreover, it has a good message for relationship. (Photo : 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube)

Suzy is all around with many projects in her hands. Having her full album, acting, commercial and her own reality show, they are not enough for her. Recently, she has just released the duet of her singing with Park Won.

According to AllKpop, The MV was dropped on Feb. 28 and the title of the song was "Don't Wait for Your Love." The duet song was really good and it started with Park Won playing his guitar and singing. Suzy was sitting in front of a man and started singing after Park Won. Both then sang the song together and faced each other.

According to Soompi, the duet song was really nice with the sweet vocals of Suzy and Park Won. The ability to play guitar of Park Won was really nice and smooth. When both Suzy and Park Won were singing the song, they looked so soft and calm facing each other. It is like a concert of them both.

The background scene is a cafe with many people drinking coffee. The building is in old architecture and the area is quite large. Thus, there are many tables with customers on each table. What makes the song is more special is the message inside.

When your love cannot call you because of busy days, it is better to give a call first. It is no big deal if you love him/her more than you do. Do not wait for the call and call first to make him/her happier.

Previously, Suzy has hinted the duet with Park Won on her Instagram. The agency, JYP Entertainment, also gave a clarification that it was true. Thus, this release of the MV has been awaited by many fans. They are happy to have this duet as both voices blend really well.

Suzy has been succeeded with her album, acting, and some commercials like "Didier Dubot," "Beanpole" and much more. Having this new project, fans always root for her and wish her success.

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