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7 Signs You're Addicted to K-dramas

By Angie Chui | February 28, 2017 02:53 PM EST

If you're a hard core fan of Korean dramas, you must have experienced a whole wealth of emotions - from anticipation, to dread, to joy and heartbreak. There is just something about these dramas that reach out and grab the viewers hearts which gets them so invested in what the lead stars are going through.

So if you aren't a member of the legion just yet, Kpopstarz has managed to compile a couple of tips with the help of experts Drama Fever and Soompi to find out whether you're on your way to becoming a K-drama addict. If you are already a part of the Kdrama fandom, we're pretty sure you can relate to these symptoms.

To watch or not to watch? Perhaps, your friends have already warned you that starting to watch Korean dramas is dangerous to your health and sanity. Count sleepless nights and a feeling of constantly being on the edge as part of the hazards. For some reason, the producers of these shows know just what to do to keep the viewers hooked to the drama and end the episodes right at the most exciting part, leading audiences to want to know what happens next immediately.

Getting invested in the characters. Because Korean networks know their audience so well, they manage to create characters that feel so familiar to the viewers making them super relateable and rootable. By the end of the first episode, audiences feel a strong sense of affinity to the hero or heroine and a deep repulsion for the villain of the piece.

Predicting the outcome. Because the viewers are already so invested emotionally, they want the lead characters to catch a break. But then, these last only for a fleeting moment before a major blow comes their way. Expert viewers of Korean dramas can already predict what will happen in the upcoming episodes with just a few seconds worth of teaser. They know what's coming and yet, they still can't miss an episode. They're that good.

Heartbreak all around. Because the set-up and the acting is so good, audiences occasionally find themselves inconsolably curled up in bed, feeling each and every disappointment, regret and sorrow that the characters feel on screen. Just because.

Happy ending or not? Watching Korean dramas are pretty much like betting on a lottery. Don't think for one minute that your romantic comedy premise will guarantee a happy ending. That's what makes them to interesting and unique from the regular television fare. And that's what keeps audiences on their toes. Anything can happen. Happy endings can take a turn for the worse with 20 minutes left in the drama while the direst of illnesses can find a miracle cure. And yet, everything works out. 

Being part of a community. Getting hooked to Korean dramas entail a roller coaster of emotions both while watching the drama and even beyond. While watching the drama, audiences can feel like part of the story, while after the drama, they feel like a part of a community of fellow Kdrama fans who talk about the dramas extensively and share their theories like they were talking about their real people. It's a great feeling to relate to a person who can randomly shout "Fighting" in the middle of the workplace and feel no judgment.

Separation Anxiety. This is the worst part about a Korean drama ending. Towards the 14th episode, fans are torn between the feeling of wanting the story to move forward and not wanting the drama to end. It's a weird feeling that only a seasoned Korean drama fan can understand fully.

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