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[Song And MV Review] 'Honey Bee' – Luna, Hani, Solar Collaboration

By jasmooOnce | January 31, 2017 08:39 AM EST

[Song And MV Review] Honeybee – Luna, Hani, Solar Collaboration
A review of "Honey Bee", Luna, Hani, and Solar's collaboration song. (Photo : Mystic Entertainment / YouTube)

Who would have thought that F(x)'s main vocalist Luna, EXID's girl crush Hani, and Mamamoo's leader Solar will be a great combination for a girl group? The three totally killed their song "Honey Bee" in the way they know how to.

These three sang the very lively and upbeat "Honey Bee." According to Allkpop, "Honey Bee" is a song produced by Mystic Entertainment Keun Tae Park that has a very dominant bass and saxophone instruments. The song also gives off a 80s soul feel to it.

As for the song, f(x) Luna definitely showed off her chops, same with Mamamoo's Solar. However, EXID's Hani did not really get to showcase her honey-like and deep vocals as it might not fit the song. Luna and Solar did not compete for the high notes as they have an equivalent time to show off their superb vocals.

The chorus of the song is really catchy and with all the ad libs of Luna and Solar, it made the song better. It was such a pity that Hani did not sing in her true register. Many fans think it would have helped the song as Luna and Solar have both high voices. But all in all, the song is still a great one as the chemistry of the three was like of a veteran girl group.

Also, the three were very sexy, beautiful and charming in the music video of "Honey Bee". The solo shots of the three were really good and it showed off their beauty. They were in a bowling alley and were dressed in all black as they danced to the song.

Soompi reported that the three idol members were in talks for performing their song "Honeybee" live on music shows. Last January 19, Mystic Entertainment said it would be hard for Luna, Hani and Solar to have a free time together. It was indeed true as the three never performed the song live.

It is such a pity that they might never perform this amazing song. Many fans are still hoping they would.

Watch the music video below and tell us what you think.

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of KpopStarz.

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