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'Dream Catcher' Breaks in: Siyeon Burst a Bubble

By analine Murphy | December 19, 2016 04:13 AM EST

A playful Siyeon poses for a Midnight photo pictorial in line with her launch as a member of the new all-girl- group Dream Catcher.

(Photo : Instagram) A playful Siyeon poses for a Midnight photo pictorial in line with her launch as a member of the new all-girl- group Dream Catcher.
There is a recent photo release to resonate the entry of the members of the newly established
music group, Dream Catcher. Siyeon appears frolicky and playful in a black long sleeved dress
made of cellular fabric.

She fixes a pose. Pull her locks back by her left hand; her lips with a gum ready to burst a bubble. She stands against a backdrop of a fully lighted, shiny combination of mocha with streaks of photoshop pallets in white, off white tinted Columbia blue and red colors.

The foreground enhances her striking stance totally. The idea shoots perfect.The Night Photo draft is for grabs.Happy Face Entertainment (according to kpopmap )who manages Dream Catcher, an upgrade version of MINX has embarked on different concepts as a solid ground to beef up the success of the seven-member- female- group ( two are added to the former five). 

Per allkpop, It has also utilized the use of a forest background, and the urban life to the idea before this Night and Day photo  that fits perfectly in Siyeon's portrait.

For the new group, shedding its previous image needs full attention. It is particularly the case because two new members are coming in.That last mix of five tomboyish girls is slowly fading out.

There has been music introduced in the videos that have shared in the social media. They foretell the kind of music they will be hearing.

Siyeon best quarters with a high mark in the former MINX group by her whistle tones that shocked a lot of followers.

One thing fans are also curious about is how the team will treat digital songs that were not an area the former group delved upon.Except for their WDYCTMH song, nothing followed in the digital genre.

A couple more girls are waiting to catch their share of the exciting ways to streamline to the performance stream. 

Fans expect more novelties.That Happy Face Entertainment is working on a variety of techniques indicates a positive note for the seven-girl- group's approach to the K-pop music stage.


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