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Sooyoung Dishes Out Why Girls Generation is Envious of SHINee

By Carlo Rodriguez | October 14, 2016 02:50 AM EDT

Sooyoung shares why Girls Generation is envious of SHINee
(Photo : Sooyoung / Instagram) Sooyoung shares why Girls Generation is envious of SHINee

On October 4, popular idol group SHINee was in SM Town Coex Atrium in Seoul where they held a comeback concert showcase. The showcase was done in order to promote the group's fifth and latest album, '1 of 1' and was hosted by none other than actress and Girls' Generation member Choi Sooyoung.

The fact that it was a SHINee event alone meant the event would already have gathered significant attention, but Sooyoung just made things more interesting as she dished out juicy information as she hosted the event.

Both SHINee and Girls' Generation (also known as SNSD in South Korea) are under the same company with the latter debuting a year ahead of the boy group in 2007. Both groups are a respected and powerful force in the Korean music scene. And since they belong to one company, naturally SHINee and Girls' Generation had shared many performances together thus making them well acquainted with one another.

SHINee At Kcon LA 2016 Presented by Toyota
(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)

During the show, Sooyoung had only kind words to say about the pop idol boy group. In fact, during a talk with the boys of SHINee, the 26-year old admitted that she along with the rest of Girls' Generation are actually envious of SHINee.

Sooyoung recounted the times that she would watch SHINee's performances and how her group mates would comment on how SHINee performs as if it is their last performance.

Upon hearing that, Minho commented, "The phrase that Key says the most is, 'Let's do our best as if today's our last'."

"We debuted before you guys, but we're so envious of your passion and energy." Sooyoung readily confessed.

Girls' Generation had once admitted a few years back that they were envious of f(x) as they always get good songs while they only get songs that suit their image so this isn't exactly the first time that the girls have confessed about being jealous of other groups. However, it's a good kind of jealous, reports Soompi.

Meanwhile, there is still no news of comeback from the members of Girls' Generation. Most of their members are still busy with solo projects. In the meantime, people can enjoy SHINee's newest album '1 of 1'.

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