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K-Pop Idols Celebrate Chuseok In Hanbok's

By Tamar Herman | September 08, 2014 06:56 AM EDT

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Ladies' Code Chuseok

This year, Chuseok's first day landed on September 8, and several idols pulled out their hanboks (traditional Korean outfits) to send well wishes to fans. Perhaps the saddest picture is the one of the five members of Ladies' Code, the latest picture of the five, taken prior to their tragic accident on September 3 that led to the death of two members.

Male idols dominated the hanbok trend, but Red Velvet also greeted fans in hanbok's. Members of U-KISS,ZE:A, 100%, Alphabat, Teen Top, M.Pire, and BTS all wore the clothing, as did actress Yoo In Na.

Several idols also sent video greetings, and wrote messages to their fans on social media sites and official fan cafes.

Chuseok is Korea's harvest holiday, and lasts three days. Families get together, with many people leaving the cities that they live in to head to their family's hometown. Some idols are working, but several have also let fans know that they're able to enjoy the holiday with their families.

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